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What's in the Black Limo?

*Star-gazer mirrored ceiling *
*Real Crystal lite bar
*DVD with 3 LCD Screens *
*CD full surround sound System *
*Tinted Windows *
*Disco Lighting*
Back Bar Lighting

Black Hummers

Black Limousine Hire was established in 2001. The Black Limo is the now available to carry 8 people. The Black Limo is finished in high quality black metallic paint. The black tinted windows are great for your privacy. The Black limo is used for funeral services. We have a fleet of black limousine that cover the UK. We have package deals for funerals service. If you are Head of your funeral service, please call to get best quote on a black limousine funeral hire.

Enjoy complimentary beverages while you are transported in high style to your destination with the Black Limousine. Two plasma screen t.v's enable all passengers to enjoy movies while you travel in the black limo. Bring your own favourite DVD, play our Fireplace DVD, or plug your own iPod into the limo sound system. Lux Limos limo hire are proud to offer funeral service limo hire at competitive prices.

Black Hummers  Hire | Black Limousine Black Party Bus

Black Limousine Hire

Free Limo Hire Quote please phone 0845 055 0740 or visit our limo hire areas to find your nearest limousine operator.

The black limousine is great for Wembley FA limo hire. Why not travel with some of your closest friends in pure luxury and style. We will provide you with a case of Stella and four bottles of champagne. The professional chauffeur will worry about all your parking needs all you have to do is worry about the big game.

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