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Hiring a Limo - Find out about the different types of Limousine ready to hire for your restaurant meal..

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Limo Hire Husband - Treat your Hubby to a romantic meal and let Limo Hire take control of the driving..

Restaurant Limo Hire 

The weekend has arrived and you fancy going out for a meal with your friends or even your family. Why not make it extra special by hiring a Limousine of your choice. Lux Limos limo hire have a wide range of limousine to choose from, black limousine, pink limousine and the white limousine. The Hummer limousine can carry up to 16 people and is ready to take you to your favorite restaurant in pure style and luxury. Limo hire will offer you a 1 hour VIP cruise before your meal, we will also provide your with bubbly on ice. All you have to do is sit back and relax and let our professional driver do all the driving.

Limo Hire Restaurant

If you require a return journey back, no problem, we will drive you home after you had your meal. We can also provide extra drop off's. Many people start there night off at Restaurant before they hit the night club or bar. Why not be picked up from your restaurant and be taken to your nightclub of your choice. The Party Bus Limousine is ideal for all party people. The pink hummer limousine is also very popular, so why not kick start your weekend with a nice restaurant meal and some bubbly on ice with Hummer limo hire.

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