Born out of the simple novelty disc throwing game that was rife in the 1970s when they were first marketed to the public; the game of Ultimate Frisbee has risen into one of the fastest growing recreational sports in the country especially in the ranks of British universities where the nature in which it is played has been that of distinct mass appeal to student, also being coupled with the vivid and raucous social life makes this sport a fantastic activity in which to try, experience and eventually fall in love with.

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For those, not in the know about the rules of this wonderful game, please permit us here at Lux Limos the opportunity to enlighten you. This unique and self-refereed game can be played by either two teams of 5 or 7, whether you are indoors or outdoors respectively. The actual rules of the game can be accrued to a mix-up of both American football and netball with two end zones being the target for scoring, but don’t worry, its non-contact so you won’t come out of it with broken bones.

The game is played at all levels and at all abilities from junior level right up to world class where different countries come together from around the world and compete for the right to be called the best team in the world bar none. There are multiple clubs throughout the UK which will, without hesitation, train you to a very high standard and hopefully build you up into a great Frisbee player and prospect yourself.

Ultimate Frisbee

The actual first game to fruition when it was played back in 1968. Joel Silver, a then-student of Columbia High School, proposed a school Frisbee team. From these small acorns grew what the game is today with little about the rules and pitch markings changing for the first day that they started playing Ultimate.

A huge part of Ultimate Frisbee is the avocation of the ‘spirit of the game’. This is when teams are noticed and awarded for their numerous contributions to the smooth running and good pieces of sportsmanship that are displayed when playing a game. In fact, it is customary in every tournament that a ‘spirit award’ be given out to the team that has most showed off these qualities when playing.

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