Well, the wait is finally over. After 9 months or so of planning, room decorating, clothes and toy buying, morning sickness and ante natal classes the new born bundle of joy has finally come into the world and what better way to show off your blessing than by hiring a black limo to take you and your new family home to show off to the world. Can you imagine the double shock on your family, friends and neighbours faces as the fantastic and luxurious black limousine hire you have hired from us comes rolling down the street and then you and your entourage step out with your new beautiful baby boy or girl.

Now you have all the joys of parenthood to experience. You have been given the chance to build and nurture a life and shape that child into a fine upstanding adult in the future. What better start to give them than to let us do the hard work of taking you home from the hospital and safely delivering you home with the comfort and knowledge of what an amazing chapter of yours and their life have just begun. It would be our honour to help you achieve this with our newborn baby limo hire service.

The essentials to have when raising your newborn is too extensive to list but we will give it go. First of all you must have a steady supply of nappies, wet wipes and bottom cream as baby will furiously go through these like no-one’s business. You must also have lots of toys of different colours and textures so your child can start off learning early about different shapes and indulge in all the new wonders we experience we are growing up.

Newborn Baby Home in a Limo.

Another major milestone will be baby’s 1st birthday limo hire and what better way in showing how much you care and how much you love your child that buy hiring a limousine to take you and a few family members to some special venue and get the celebrations underway, after all they only will have their first birthday limo hire once.

However, our involvement with your newborn baby and you needn’t stop there. If you are a follower of the Christian faith then we will be more than happy to make that special day of limo hire christening your child just that extra bit special by safely transporting you, the baby and the loved ones who you have chosen to take along for the luxurious ride to the church. You and your baby are certain to be the talk of the town. Whatever your faith, wherever you worship, we will be happy to transport you and baby there with ease; after all the quality of our service will shine off to your friends and family and bring about a new sense of admiration for you.

Whatever you decide to do with this new life but rest assured that cheap limo hire will always deliver the best quality service that you deserve whenever and wherever you need us.

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