When booking any type of car, there is a certain checklist that the vehicle must meet before you pursue with before hiring. And when getting your hands on a limousine, this is no different as you have to make sure that the service that you have been provided with ticks all the boxes; and no other limousine hire company does that better.

First on the checklist is; is the model that you have hired a new or old style of limousine? I know that it must sound an odd question, perhaps a tad pedantic but be assured that it is an essential one. This is because the new style is much, much more recent than the old one and therefore is a far newer vehicle. This means the comfort and quality of you drive will be much greater and, be rest assured, that ALL of the vehicles that we provide to you are of that new quality of standard.

Secondly, what is your chauffeur like? Again it may look like we are bombarding you with some unusual questions but it is only because we want you to get the best limousine service available. Some company’s send their chauffeurs out in normal street clothes. To us, this is not acceptable. When you book one of our pink, white or black Hummer hire limousines or even one of our USA Stretch Party Buses limo hire, you can put your mind at ease as your limousine will be driven professionally and safely.

Limousine Checklist

Now, another huge item on your checklist is what features does your limousine contain within? When experiencing the brilliance of such a prestigious vehicle such as our Hummer limos and Limo Jeeps you want all the latest mod cons provided throughout and here, at cheap limo hire, that is definitely no exception. From our Fire Engine Limo hire to our wedding limo hire you get a whole myriad of qualities inside your vehicle such as; copious amounts of champagne located throughout the vehicle chilling on ice. Both a fibre optic and laser lighting system is present to ‘wow’ and dazzle you with its stunning visuals and certainly give off that party atmosphere. A state-of-the-art audio system is in place and expertly fitted in each of our cars to offer you a sound quality that is of the most optimum quality and will surely make your favourite music sounds sweeter than it already is. If that isn’t enough for you, how about checking off your list the ability to be able to bring your favourite DVD in the limousine and watch it on multiple high-quality plasma TV screens that are located throughout the car.

We here at cheap limo hire want you to experience the utmost in service and panache when you hire with us so when doing your checklist for your ideal limousine, be sure to add calling us to your list and you won’t be disappointed. Limo hire is our business and passion and you will see that heart and drive when you decide to travel with us.

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