We all in a fast paced society. Often we reside in cities that never sleep and we do our best to live for the moment. We also like to party as hard as we work. But what if you’re event is booked at 2am and you want to arrive in style to your destination. Well, have no fear as you can always rely on us to deliver you safely and superbly in one of our fantastic limousine’s, whatever, whenever and wherever.

Perhaps you are scheduled to be the man or woman of honour at a party in your honour and you have many friends in which to transport to the event too. The only hitch is that you are meant to take you VIP position in the VIP area of the local nightclub but are bereft of transport. Your first thought may be to go for a taxi, for your sake let me list the reasons why Lux Limos should be your first port of call. First of all, Taxis are cramped, clammy and bad quality for money.

If you have a vast number of friends to take with you, you will probably have to hire 4 taxis just to accommodate them. And with today’s taxis charges of being around £20 for a journey that is £80 wasted on sub-standard transportation. Why not go for the luxury and the sheer value for money and comfort that one of our limousines have to offer. Who wants to arrive to a special evening bent double in a claustrophobic taxi cab anyway? Your friends and yourself will love the luxury of experience the delights within the limousine and be thoroughly entertained throughout the journey whilst being expertly driven their by our prestigious chauffeurs.

24 hours Limousine Hire

Another antagonising scenario may be; having to make an unscheduled flight out to another country because a business deal has just come up and you are the person for the job. Whether it is 1am, 4am or 4pm why not allow yourself the luxury of arriving to the airport in one of our black limousines and take the sting out of this relative inconvenience. After all you work very hard each and every day, so why not reward yourself for once and travel with us. You are flying first class, so why not be driving in first class too? So do yourself a favour and use our limo hire service for transport that you won’t forget.

No job is too early or late for our limo hire service so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and book the best quality limousine service you could hope to have and make use of our pink and black limos or go rock and roll and hire a hummer to ride into town with.

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