Cromer Windmill, Cromer Windmill, Cromer, Hertfordshire, SG2 7QE - Cromer Windmill remains the only surviving post mill in Hertfordshire and offers exhilarating information about it's past and it's present workings. Built in 1720, the windmill produced flour for over a century before being completely blown over, the mill was then beautifully restored in it's glory but wasn't used as much due to unpopular demand. The mill become disused and started to fade, the mill was soon to be demolished before appealers saved it from destruction in 1967. Cromer Windmill is now a great tourist attraction for all the family, saved by the Hertfordshire Lottery fund in 1991, it has continued to impress all tourists from all over the country with it's fascinating tales through the many ages, and allowing an insight into the dated workings of a 1700 windmill. So if it's a bit of history and knowledge your looking for, don't miss your chance to visit Cromer Windmill for a unique exploration into the mind of one of Hertfordshire's oldest Windmills.


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Letchworth Museum and Art Gallery - Letchworth Museum and Art gallery offers the public an eye into the lives of local people through a span of 200,000 years. Meet the cavemen that stood on the same ground centuries ago or explore the working lives of a 1800's blacksmith, a Victorian Monarch and the famous Letchworth Black Squirrel! There's plenty to keep the whole family entertained at Letchworth Museum, with stunning historic recreations, a superb cafe and a brilliant museum shop! Visit the Letchworth Art Gallery and explore the talents of the local people, with monthly exhibitions and new paintings being shown throughout the year. So if your looking to explore Letchworth's fascinating history in a fun and exciting way, head down to the Letchworth Museum and Art Gallery today and have a truly great day out! 


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Stevenage Museum, St George's Way, Stevenage, SG1 1XX - offers interesting and in-depth history about the lives of different eras in Stevenage. It really is a fascinating experience as you relive the decades before you, visit a 1950's kitchen and meet a hard-working housewife, learn how to spark a fire like the Stoneage men or even relive World War II and discover how Stevenage was affected. Stevenage Museum remains one of the most fun and reliable museums in the county, offering people an exciting and enjoyable insight into the past, present and also the future of Stevenage. Don't miss your great chance to discover Stevenage Museum as you won't be disappointed with its many fantastic displays, brilliant facilities and intriguing information. Why not hire a Hummer limousine provided by Limo Hire to visit the Stevenage Museum 


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