Now, your small town of Rushden may not be renowned for partying or night clubs, but that doesn't mean you guys don't know how to let your hair down and have a good time! With Northampton mere minutes away, and Milton Keynes not all that far down the road, there are some great options for partying close to Rushden with only a small distance to travel away.

But wait – you can't possibly drive. You'll be too tired from all the partying to drive home at 2am, and you won't be able to sample some great drinks or delicious cocktails at the bars and night clubs you're going to hit. And forget about relying on public transport!

No, when it comes to travelling from your home in Rushden to a nearby big city for a night of partying, there's only one way to do it – and that's with a fantastic party bus limo hire package in Rushden from Lux Limo. You can have your own personal night club experience as you travel from Rushden on to Northampton for your night out, and it will be the perfect way to start (and finish) your big night of partying.

When we say the party bus limo for hire in Rushden is a "Night Club On Wheels", we do mean that literally! The party bus limousine is the UK's only limousine that's big enough and spacious enough to stand up and move around in which makes way for some its amazing on-board features.

Because of all the room that the party bus limo for hire in Rushden boasts, we've kitten it out with a full dance floor, a dancing pole, disco laser lights, stylish neon lighting, a powerful sound system complete with big sub woofer speakers, flatscreen TVs with DVD players, and even an on-board champagne bar filled with lashings of complimentary bubbly on ice. With the sound system's iPod/MP3 player connection, you can plug in your MP3 player easily and choose your own personal playlist of your favourite tunes – now what other night club lets you choose the music and gives you free champagne? Only the party bus limo for hire in Rushden from Lux Limo!

It's the best way to start your night out, wherever you might decide to go. It means you can start partying from the moment you set foot inside the party bus limo hire vehicle, without having to wait outside and queue up in the cold or the rain waiting to get into a nightclub – you can get things going right away, from the moment you're picked up from your home in Rushden, and can keep it going all night until you return home again!

Now what could be better? It's sure to make whatever reason you're heading on a night out for truly unforgettable – whether you're heading out from Rushden for a stag do, hen night party, birthday party or for no particular reason at all!

To make your party bus limo hire booking in Rushden, just call Lux Limo on 0845 055 0740 or email us directly in the office at to get your free, personalised quote on our Rushden party bus limo hire packages. It really is that simple!

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