One of the best ways to celebrate an anniversary of any kind, be it a wedding anniversary, anniversary of your time together as a couple, or an anniversary of a special event such as graduation, is with a lavish meal out. Rushden is an excellent town for eating out in, with a wide range of choices in restaurants, cuisines and dining experiences. From the relaxed to the fine dining, and the quaint bistro to the recognisable and comfortable chain restaurants, Rushden has it all.

Perhaps you'd like to celebrate your anniversary by heading back to the place you first had a romantic meal out together, such as at Pizzeria Venezia (28-30 Church Street, Rushden, Northamptonshire, NN10 9YT) where you can experience authentic Italian cuisine in a truly quaint restaurant setting.

Or maybe you're celebrating the anniversary of a graduation with all the friends you made during your time at University. Small and romantic isn't going to do the trick here, so you're going to need something bigger with a varied menu, good prices and a selection of great drinks at the bar. What better place than Frankie and Benny's (Unit 1, Plot Q, Riverside Retail Park, Northampton, NN3 9HU) for your graduation anniversary meal out?

So all this sounds great, but what can you do to make it even more special? You've no doubt been to these restaurants many times before and, even if you haven't, a meal out can only go so far in celebrating a special occasion.

Here at Lux Limo we have a wide range of limousines for hire in Rushden that are perfect for a luxurious limo ride from your home in Rushden, before heading off to your restaurant for your celebratory meal – romantic anniversary or long-overdue reunion, we'll be sure to provide a superb service.

Imagine your party's surprise when they expect to see a taxi arrive at your home and instead a sleek and stylish eight-seater Lincoln limo rolls up, a smartly dressed professional chauffeur steps out and pops the cork on your first of several bottles of complimentary bubbly on ice. Sounds perfect doesn't it? On board the Lincoln limo in Rushden there is luxury leather seating for all eight passengers, stylish neon lighting around all the features and fittings, and a luxury champagne bar with the rest of your bubbly chilling nicely on ice.

Or if you're organising a reunion, then how about the 16 seater Hummer limo in Rushden? It has more seating capacity than any other limousine in the UK, which means that you'll be able to fit all your old friends on board to enjoy the lavish limo ride before you make your way to the restaurant in Rushden, or perhaps on to Northampton for something bigger!

If this sounds like an amazing way to start off your meal out in Rushden (and lets face it – it sounds pretty awesome!) then get in contact with Lux Limo who will gladly provide you with our cheap Rushden limo hire services to mark the occasion in style. If the Lincoln limo isn't up your street, then we have a wide range of choices of other limousines and prestige vehicles for hire in Rushden that will surely make your evening simply stellar. Call Lux Limo now on 0800 002 9475 or email us at to get a free, personalised and instant Rushden limo hire quote!

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