H2 Hummer in Yellow as know as the baby hummer due to its size. Vehicle is small in size compared to the H2 Hummer limousine but its equally as popular as all the other vehicle in our fleet. Fully surround sound system and a exhaust system made of pure stainless steel you will be amazed.


YELLOW hummer CAR hire

Yellow Car Hummer H2 4 Seater Car

book the YELLOW hummer CAR 0800 002 9475

The Only Yellow Hummer Limo in UK.

Yellow Hummer

The Yellow Hummer Car hire is good for Wedding in Leicester.

H2 Hummer Yellow

TV Show or Add then book the Hummer H2 Yellow.

Yellow Hummer Limo

Wedding Yellow Hummer Car Hire

Yellow Wedding Car Hire Hummer

VIP people and need a big car then the Yellow Hummer has it all.