Limo Hire Solihull is situated in the geographical centre of the country, marked by a stone cross on Meriden village green and having a population of aprox 205,600, Solihull is served by superb road, rail and air links. The world-famous National Exhibition Centre, hosting more than 100 events and attracting more than 4 million visitors a year, is just 4 miles from the heart of the Borough. So are Birmingham Airport and Birmingham International Railway Station. Kid Parties are now booking with Solihull Hummer Limo Hire. We are taking booking to visit Solihull Ice Rink in one of latest Black Hummer Limo. Bookings for the Pink Hummer Limousine is also available. Book two Pink Navigator Limousine and get a special price by calling our customer service team in Solihull.


Solihull Black H2 Hummer Limo

(Solihull Black H2 Hummer Limo)


Some place to visit in a Solihull would be:


The Touchwood Complex, Solihull, B91 3GJ - is home to some of the most fashionable shops and appetizing restaurants available in the UK. Come along and discover one of the most modernized and stylish shopping precincts in the country. With it's amazing structure filled with shops for everyone to enjoy, there's so much to do and explore inside the huge building. Pick up a bargain at the massive Topman store and visit one of the country's biggest John Lewis shop, dine in the finest style at Touchwood's great restaurant or grab a bite to eat at it's many cafes. Take the time to chill inside Touchwood shopping mall and head down to the cinema to watch some of the latest releases. There really is something for everyone inside the gigantic complex, so don't miss this fantastic place full of the shops you have grown to love.


Pink Hummer Limos Solihull

(Pink Hummer Limos Solihull)

Solihull Limousines 0121 347 6627 or 07717 803788


Visit Solihull's one and only ice rink 'Blue Ice' for a great day out with a difference. Whether your a pro-skater or it's your very first time, qualified staff are always there to guaranteed you have a safe and brilliant time on the ice. Have a fantastic time out with the family or laugh your way through the rink with your friends. 'Blue Ice' skating rink provides non-stop fun all year round, on and off the ice! Come down and watch a fascinating hockey game take place, or if you visit on weekends, you can quite literally dance on ice with 'Blue Ice's special DJ, happy to take any requests offered. 'Blue Ice' also offer skating lessons for the ambitious ones who are serious about the ice, or if you just want to take up a new hobby. There's plenty to do inside 'Blue Ice' skating rink, so take your time out to explore the many features it has to offer today!


Party Bus Limo in Solihull

(Party Bus Limo in Solihull)


Solihull Riding Club, Four Ashes Road, Bentley Heath, Solihull, West Midlands, B93 8QE offer a unique horse-riding programme to all horse-lovers across the UK. The non-profitable club has two indoor arenas specifically for horse-riding as well as outdoor tracks such as obstacle courses, cross-country tracks and dog tracks. Special seating has been placed to give viewers a clear overview of the entire field and a canteen serving hot and cold beverages and food. Whether your learning to ride a horse or your a qualified professional, there's something to suit all tastes inside Solihull Riding Club. Come and watch a Polo game and watch in anticipation at one of the most underrated sports in the country. Find out more about the fascinating animals and be astonished at how powerful and rapid they actually are. Solihull Riding Club really is a horse-lovers dream, whether your a horse-rider or not, come on down this weekend and have a great day out with the horses!


Hummer Limo Solihull

(Hummer Limo Solihull)


Come on down to Solihull swimming club and learn many fascinating ways to swim as well as make many new friends! Whether your just a beginner or want to learn more about water safety, Solihull Swimming club covers all aspects of how to swim safely but enjoyably. Want to become a lifeguard? Learn all you need to know in the Solihull swimming club! Want your children to be taught how to swim by trained and friendly professionals? Choose Solihull Swimming club! The massive swimming pool inside also provides games of Water Polo, so whether you want to learn more about the sport or your a fan of the game, head down to Solihull Swimming club and find out everything about the sport! You'll never know when you might need to use your swimming skills so take your time out to learn all you can about it at Solihull Swimming Club.


Solihull Cycling club is an exciting opportunity for anyone wishing to improve on their cycling skills. Become a member and take part in the many bike runs around the UK, where a run consists of no more than 65 miles on a designated route through the UK's most picturesque and adventurous parts. Members are more like families as they bond with each other on their long, extraordinary trips. Solihull Cycling club is a great new way to make many new friends as well as invite your existing ones too! It's a great way to get out and keep fit as well as have plenty of fun and laughs. Head down to the local pub afterwards and enjoy a friendly drink after the enjoyable bike ride or why not even bring a picnic along and have a truly memorable day of it. Solihull Cycling club provides for all ages, so to keep active and have a great time doing it, why not become a member and experience a fantastic way of exploring the UK's most unique sights.


Solihull Prom Limo Hire

(Solihull Prom Limo Hire)


Laying just to the south of the West Midlands and residing just 9 miles from Birmingham is the very colourful and very multi-cultural large town of Solihull. There is such a diverse amount of culture that exists in this modern conurbation that it would literally boggle your mind but it all goes into making up a remarkable town and ergo a remarkable place to spend a night of entertainment.


Solihull is also at very close proximity to all the amenities that Birmingham can offer. For example, if you have an early flight to catch from Birmingham International Airport then it is definitely only a stones-throw away from the vast number of hotels and ‘bed and breakfasts’ that Solihull has at its disposal; and, what better way to make that difficult early morning transfer, most probably on business, than by booking a black or white stretch limousines. After all you have taken the time out of your busy schedule to have to jet off ‘at the drop of a hat’ so why not allow yourself to be indulge in the sheer luxuriousness of our vehicles and relax on the plush leather seats contained within all of our vehicles and arrive to the airport in a style which is usually linked to that a celebrity or diplomat than a humble business man or woman such as yourself.


Rolls Royce Phantom Solihull Wedding Car

(Rolls Royce Phantom Solihull Wedding Car)


Solihull is also very close to the LG Arena and the Birmingham NIA. So what if you find yourself in a situation that you have just seen one of your favourite bands do their thing on the grandest of all stages and now you are left with a lack of transport back home or at least to a viable place of accommodation. Well, let us take the weight off your mind by guaranteeing you that after you have witnessed a night full of drama, music and exhilaration and transport you safely, securely, with the utmost privacy and luxury either back home or out to Solihull where you can take advantage of our cheap and competitively priced limousines.


There is also a large variety of clubs and pubs for you and your close-knit group of friends to experience of on your travels and promotes Solihull as an essential destination for you to include on your travels, especially as a Stag or Hen party, in one of our prestigious and unique Party Buses; made exclusive to you as our valued customer here at Lux Limos.


Bentley Wedding Car Hire Solihull

(Bentley Wedding Car Hire Solihull)


Whatever you decide to do and see in Solihull, please take the time to really take in and appreciate the vast mix of people and traditions that exist throughout the entire breadth of the town. Whilst cruising around the streets within the comfort of your limousine, let us show you the restaurants, shops and pubs that really make this town unique and very much an integral part of what makes up the area  of England that is affectionately known as ‘the black county’. It is truly an experience that mustn’t be missed and you can experience with a limousine service that is a right not a privilege


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