Without a doubt one of the best and most gratifying moments that one can experience in one’s young life in education is when you get the opportunity to don that cap and gown and receive your due adulation from the throng of people that have gathered together for the ceremony to witness you and your peers getting your just deserts. It is a fine reflection on the last three or so years you have spent studying as diligently as you possibly can to achieve your first class degree in your specific subject. For that achievement you receive a rather heart pat on the back from our limousine hire company.

But now we think it is high time you did something really special to herald in your massive achievement. Maybe something that involves you bidding farewell to some of the friends you have managed to garner of the last few years and who have helped you through the course of your university life. Well why not get your hands on our amazing black Hummer limo hire cars or pink Jeep limo hire vehicles to get everyone together for a mass bonding experience to really leave you with some fond memories to carry with you for life.

Solihull Graduation Limo Hire

Our black Hummer limousine hire vehicles hold up to 16 passengers rather easily whilst you can all still experience the thrilling luxury leather seating and various mod cons that we have dotted throughout the cheap limo hire vehicle. Maybe you have a CD of photos from your years at university. Please, by all means access our DVD player and watch your own personal slide show on the various LCD screens that are available throughout the black Hummer limo hire car. There is really no other vehicle that can give you this warming feeling and you will possibly find yourself getting emotional as you see the good, the bad and the plain embarrassing photographs flash up on the screens.

Once you have had your fill of your limousine hire cruise we can simply drop you off at your graduation so you can get dressed up and take your moment in the spotlight. However, our Solihull graduation limo hire experience can be there at the end of it all to ferry you all off into the night so you can really let yourself go and party in the heart of Solihull’s town centre with all your friends. If this is to be one of your last hurrahs with some of the firm friends you have made at university then it might as well be in style with Solihull graduation limousine hire.

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