Lincoln is steeped in history, and brimming with life. Look back over 2,000 years of history and discover the city's Roman, Norman, Medieval, Tudor and Georgian heritage. The Da Vinci Code was partly filmed in a cathedral in Lincoln, so why not take a sight seeing trip to were the film was produced. Lincoln Hummer Hire are offering Limousine trips in our 16 Seater Pink Hummer Limousine or a very special Black Hummer Limousine. Visit Lincoln special place and make this a trip one to remember for all you film lovers out there.


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Some place to visit in Lincoln would be:


Lincoln Cathedral is an amazing, pictorial building that is a great sight for anyone to visit. It's massive structure and stain glass windows are something of an achievement as you walk through the tranquil building and look upon the magnificent altar. Lincoln Cathedral has been so well kept of it's beautiful stature that it was used in the making of blockbuster film, 'The Da Vinci Code' starring Tom Hanks, this then went on to produce global controversy within the Church. Lincoln Cathedral was built in 1091 by Bishop Remigius and has survived through an Earthquake and a fierceful fire which damaged a part of the building. More recently, the Cathedral has been carefully restored authentically, and to this day has been opened to the public for viewing. So why not visit Lincoln Cathedral to learn more about religion in the past as well as the present, it is open 8 hours a day, everyday and welcomes people of all ages.


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Another famous and picturesque building in Lincoln, is Lincoln Castle. Being built around 60AD, this is one of the UK's oldest castles and as you walk in, you can instantly discover the history bursting out of the walls. Surviving through the Norman, Roman and Victorian times to name but a few, the castle was used as a prison and a court for 900 years. Lincoln Castle is now open to the public, offering people an insight into Lincoln's history through the many times. Visitors can walk along the cobbled walls surrounding the entirety of the castle, this provides a unique insight into the history and feel of the castle. A cafe on-site serves hot and cold food as well as a range of beverages, so make it a day out and enjoy your time at Lincoln castle as you explore it's many interesting facts and stories.


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The Lawn in Lincoln is a great place for any event you would like to hold. Whether it's that perfect Wedding, Birthday, or just a special dinner party, The Lawn will make sure you have the best time of your life! With it's huge mansion and exclusive rooms, The Lawn can fit up to 1500 people, with 130 staff members each trained in their own specialty. The Lawn provides catering for large parties, offering the finest foods from around the world, and with plenty of rooms to choose from, you'll be stuck for choice! Make it a day to remember by hiring your special party or Wedding reception at The Lawn in Lincoln, where the memories last a lifetime!


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