Some say that birthdays aren’t what they are used to be; that because of the credit crunch and recession, people are too frugal and cheap to celebrate them. Some say that they are alright with just a night in with a frozen chocolate cake from Iceland with a few candles dotted on the top to herald in their birthday. In Lincoln limo hire however, this thankfully isn’t the case as a birthday to the good citizens of this fine metropolis means as much now as it has ever done. It is to this respect that you would well advised to spend your birthday night nestled deep inside the city’s venues in the wonderful metropolis of Lincoln limo hire.

You see, birthdays are one our favourite events to provide our limousines for, ranking in up top with hen nights limo hire and stag nights because all of the party goers have a sort of levity that really can’t be beaten by any other occasion. The fact that so many people have gathered together for this celebration shows a considerable amount of love for the limo hire birthday boy or girl in question and that is definitely something to be celebrated and lauded, and what better place than bonding together in one of our limousines.

Lincoln Birthday Limo Hire

Now, before our article and our members of staff get a little too mushy on you in this article, may we tempt and tantalise you not only with our limousines but with where you can go and see and experience in this wonderful metropolis. If you are travelling out for a girls birthday, then may we advise you hire either our 8-seater Lincoln Town cars available in baby pink, or our hot pink 16-seater pink Hummer hire limousines that are just ready and waiting for you at our depot to make your birthday limo hire evening complete.

From then on in, you can start your night off, after your cruise around Lincoln of course, at Sakura’s where you can have more than your fair share of cocktails; from there on, move to the Quayside and see for yourself why this is one of the most respected clubs in Lincoln. Once you have had your fill there, feel free to go to Cloud 9 where you can truly get your rave on and really fired up at the end of your birthday celebrations.

The same goes if you are planning a lad’s birthday, just book a 16-seater black 4x4 35ft Limo jeep to take him and his friends out and about in Lincoln and he will be as happy as Larry. So, do the right thing and make the informed choice and secure your Lincoln birthday limo hire experience today. You won’t regret it.

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