Aylesbury railway station, make it a day to remember, by hiring a stunning Limousine to visit Aylesbury Railway station. The station was built in 1863 and still stands strong today, offering the public quality railway travel and an interesting insight into the early workings of the great steam trains. Aylesbury train station is located in Buckinghamshire and is a vital stop between Aylesbury and London, and since being restored in the 1980's, Aylesbury Train Station has never looked better! Explore Aylesbury Train Station with Lux Limos; by hiring one of our superb Limos, to cruise in style and class, ride down with the family or have a great day out with your mates, Lux Limos has a variety of Limousines to suit everyone, providing different colors, models and specially constructed themes, because each one of our Limos are never the same.


Why not hire our gleaming white Hummer Limousine to Aylesbury Train Station, and explore the many features and luxuries that Lux Limos has to offer. As you jump in, sit down on our exquisite leather seating and pour yourself a drink of your choice from our bar area. Each Limo will be serving champagne and a selection of soft drinks, on the house of course. Get the party started with our intense speaker system, and if that's not enough, then turn on the neon lights and really vamp up the atmosphere. Watch anything of your choice on our LCD TV screens or play your favorite DVD on the in-car DVD player. With so much to do inside our exclusive White Hummer Limo, you'll be crazy not to miss this offer, so make it a grand day out at Aylesbury Train Station by booking a fantastic Limousine from Lux Limos, give us a call today to find out further information or to ask for a quote.


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Roald Dahl Children's Gallery; if your looking for a fun-filled, exciting day out, then head down to Aylesbury's Roald Dahl Children's gallery with Lux Limos. Be driven in a way like no other as you indulge yourself in the superb luxuries and features Lux Limousine has to offer. Once at your destination, you'll have as much time as you'd like to explore the fascinating Roald Dahl Children's Museum, offering a great insight into the mind and workings of one of the greatest writers in history. The creator of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and 'James and the Giant Peach', Roald Dahl is the one of the most globally known children's writer to live. Sadly passing away in 1990 of a rare blood disease, his stories have continued to amaze and inspire children and adults alike. At Aylesbury's Roald Dahl Children's Museum, you'll have the chance to explore what inspired the great writer, as well as entering into the worlds of his many stories. Climb into the 'Fantastic Mr. Fox's' tunnel or pay 'The Twits', a little visit in their upside down room.


Maybe your thinking: 'What could be better than visiting this superb Museum?', well you could always arrive there in the best way possible. Forget the long, boring car rides and travel with Lux Limos! You'd be crazy to have to miss our superior selection of outstanding Limos, available in many different colors and themes. Hire our stunning 16 Seater Party Bus Limo and make a day of it, you, your family or your friends will be able to explore what a quality Limousine feels like as your cruised through your hometown and driven to the Roald Dahl Children Museum. Sit down on the exquisite leather seating as you watch what you want on our LCD TV screens, you could always play your favorite Roald Dahl DVD on our in-car DVD player. Turn up the volume on the immense speaker system and play the tunes you want, check out our amazing laser lights and superb neon lighting. There's so much to do inside our 16 Seater Pink Hummer Limousine that you won't want to get out! Start by giving Lux Limos a ring to book your magical day today!


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If you are looking for a bit of interesting history then now is a better time than any to explore the Buckingham County Museum. You'll have the opportunity to discover the generations before us and how our ancestors have made Buckingham what it is today. The Buckingham County Museum consists of three historical buildings, the Chapel in St Mary's Square, the old Aylesbury Grammar School and Ceely house, all important buildings that have shaped Buckingham. In this fantastic museum, find out the history behind Buckingham's industrial world, it's agriculture and the many fashion changes throughout the ages. Located directly behind the museum is the Roald Dahl Children's gallery, a great place to visit if you've got kids. Allow them to be uplifted into a world of creation and imagination as you discover the true, fascinating history behind one of Britain's best loved counties.


You'll have no better time out than if you travel with Lux Limos, a world-class Limousine service available across the country. We have a fantastic range of Limousines ranging from different colors to unique themes, so ditch the repetitive car ride this time and explore Buckingham in style and luxury, only with Lux Limos. Your very own professional Chauffeur will be ready to pick you and your party up at the desired time, he will then make his way to Buckingham where you'll have the chance to explore a whole selection of high-quality luxuries and state-of-the-art technology. Jump in and sit down on our lush leather seating as you pour yourself a drink from our exclusive bar area. At Lux Limos we will serve you many complimentary drinks from our finest champagne to coca-cola. Watch what you want on our LCD TV screens, offering a range of channels, or you could even play your favorite DVD on our in-car DVD player. Listen to all your favorite tunes on the out-of-this-world speaker system, and make it a party to remember by turning on those neon lights and laser lighting to really liven up that atmosphere. You won't know where to start in our fantastic Limos, so choose the Limo that's right for you by giving Lux Limos a call today to find out more information or to book your luxurious Limousine to Buckingham County Museum today!


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