We here at Lux Limo know that the people of Aylesbury like to party as hard as everyone else in the West Midlands – not an easy task when you're in a small town such as Aylesbury, but thanks to our Aylesbury limo hire services, you can spice up a night out with some real lavish luxury and a proper party atmosphere.

Let us set the scene for you. It's Friday night, you've been slogging away in the office all week and now it's your chance to unwind. But it's the same pubs, bars and clubs as always, and you always end up stood outside a nightclub for what seems like hours in the undoubtedly cold and wet British weather! Well, thanks to our Aylesbury limo hire packages for nights out in Aylesbury here at Lux Limo, we can finally put a stop to monotonous nights our and inject some real excitements into your evenings with our Hummer limo hire in Aylesbury, Aylesbury party bus limo hire and other Aylesbury limousine hire services, specifically designed with nights out on the town in Aylesbury in mind!

You might be heading on a bit of a pub crawl through your home town of Aylesbury, and want to make this monumental challenge even more unforgettable. That's where our Aylesbury Hummer limo hire services really come into play. With their 16 passenger capacity, the H2 Hummer limo for hire in Aylesbury is the perfect way to transport you and all your friends in your large Aylesbury pub crawl party to and from the destinations you desire in absolute style. There's comfy leather seating for everyone on board, so if the night is getting a little too much for you then you can have a rest as you cruise the streets of Aylesbury in the heigh of style on your way to your next destination

You might even want to check out the party bus limo as a fantastically unique alternative on your night out. Now, the party bus limo for hire in Aylesbury is a very unique vehicle. It is the only limousine in the UK that has enough room to stand up in and dance around – earning it the nickname of "The Night Club On Wheels". On board the party bus limo in Aylesbury is comfortable leather seating for up to fifteen passengers, a full dance floor, a luxury champagne bar, a dancing pole and a very powerful sound system complete with a disco laser light setup.

This way you can experience a fantastic night out, complete with dancing, drinks and a light show, before you even make it into Aylesbury for your night on the town. You can have you own private party, complete with complimentary champagne, in the comfort of the amazing party bus limo for hire in Aylesbury.

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