Because of the fabulous history of this legendary town and its century old buildings; Oxford is an exquisite destination for weddings. Your wedding day will remain one of the most memorable occasions in your life. It is every bride's dream to enjoy the lavish style of a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce Phantom Oxford wedding car. This is the perfect solution for such a special occasion requiring a chauffeured luxury vehicle.


Oxford Rolls Royce Phantom Wedding Car Hire


Chauffeur-driven Oxford wedding Rolls Royce Phantom is a classic luxury choice. A high quality Oxford Rolls Royce Phantom service comes without any compromise in vehicle perfection, class or customer service, while still maintaining a very competitive price.


The fleet of Oxford Rolls Royce Phantom luxury cars is one of the finest in the United Kingdom, with a high standard of unmatchable service. The Phantom is the perfect chauffeur-driven luxury vehicle, coming with many opulent features at your disposal. With a luxurious wedding car hire, you can tailor the services around your requirements.


Wedding Hire Vehicle Description


There is no other vehicle that comes even close to the stylish presence and luxury of a Phantom. This car model is one of the best options of chauffeur-driven luxury vehicle for your wedding occasion. The smooth and quiet ride provided by the Rolls Royce V12 engine makes this the ultimate stress-free travel experience. From the Rolls Royce rear Theater entertainment, massaging seats, the finest leather upholstery, deep pile luxurious carpets, and cashmere roof lining, Rolls Royce passengers enjoy the most enjoyable and comfortable without compromise.


Oxford Rolls Royce Phantom Wedding


The Phantom is classically Rolls Royce, a masterpiece of both engineering and design. Beauty in its purest, simplest form, the car combines the best in Rolls Royce engineering producing both style and performance. Wherever you go, the Phantom is guaranteed to make an impact with its powerful presence. The elegant proportions are seductively stunning, exuding luxury and comfort. The Phantom's refined interior and exterior creates a timeless elegance.


Guide to hiring a wedding car in oxford


There is a higher chance that this is your first time to hire a wedding car. Considering that it is your special day, being happy is what you need, and to avoid chance of unhappiness due to poor transport you need the tips below;


Be aware of the firm you are booking with.


As you search for wedding car hire services in the internet. You will find numerous reputable firms offering such services. And some firms are renting out car that belong to other peoples. You should asked yourself this one question, What will happen if the firm does not pay the owner of that limo you are about to book? Chances are you will not have the car or your money back. To avoid such cases always look for those firms that have a trusted reputation and their own cars too.


When paying use your Credit Card.


Credit cards can provide some financial protection. Although it is a bit costly, since you will have to pay some small charges for card holding, it is worth the price.


Expect to pay a fair price.


It quite costly to maintain a wedding, thus if you want the car to be properly maintained and insured then consider paying a fair price. In case you are in doubt you should visit the company in person to check the car in question.

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