So you are busy in preparing everything for one of the most special days in your life – your wedding day. To be sure that it will be a memorable one, you should have the best one for all of the things you need on that day. Aside from wearing the most elegant wedding dress available, you also deserve to have a stylish car that will bring you and your partner to the church. If you want to be married in Kettering, you may consider Kettering Rolls Royce Ghost Wedding Car Hire.


The Rolls Royce Ghost in Kettering can be the cheapest way of getting beneath the wheels of the ever-popular Rolls, yet it is anything but typical. Designed to become a much more dynamic option to take on the traditional luxury of the brand, the Rolls Royce Ghost is still one of the latest additions to the super-luxury class.


Kettering Rolls Royce Ghost Wedding Car Hire


Rolls Royce Ghost Wedding Car Hire


In 2014, the Rolls Royce Ghost i Kettering has similar power and style, but it has some new features. Many of such changes are optional and that means they are all elements of the limitless listing of Rolls-Royce customizations. There are new 20-inch wheels, interior wood trims and new exterior paints. Most of all, here is the upgraded version of the navigation system of this car that has made it easier to use the menus & 3D city imaging, and the controls which allow the drivers to pinch, write and pull on the touchpad that was mounted on a console. All of these innovations has made the Ghost a very excellent choice of car when I comes to any event, especially in weddings.


Whether you are the one who drives the car or you’re having fun in the back seat, you will surely notice the rich leathers, adequate high-tech information, fine woods and innovative entertainment systems that form the atmosphere that you all want for your wedding. Kettering Rolls Royce Ghost Wedding Car Hire is one of the services that you can avail from us here at Lux Limo.


The personalization and customization services offered by Rolls-Royce was extend to the Ghost and almost any desire could be accommodated, to make sure that you will be having the best bridal car on that day. We offer you the privilege to choose from the color schemes & materials to features or one-off equipment. Just make sure that you carry the digits to your Swiss petty cash account.


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We at Lux Limo are recognized for being a reputable Rolls Royce and Bentley specialist in Kettering. With a wide selection of vehicles in our fleet that best suits for various occasions, such as weddings, rest assured that you will never go wrong when you choose to work with us. We offer different choices for the colors such as Ivory, White, Silver, Blue, Black, Red or Grey. We can cover all your needs and specifications for your dream wedding car.


Our office is always available to accommodate you and discuss any clarifications that you may have. We look forward to working with you soon.

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