If you are searching for most reliable Daventry Wedding Car Hire, Lux Limo is here to deliver you brilliant limousine wedding hire vehicles, including the exclusive Rolls Royce Ghost. We assure you that you have come to the right place, as Lux Limo chauffeur driven cars are the best in style, quality and service. We take pride in our service and fleet of cars as we always keep them in tip-top condition.

Rolls Royce is one of the most prestigious fleet of vehicles and often the natural choice when you are want to arrive in your wedding in style. Lux Limo boasts of our Rolls Royce Wedding Hire Fleet including Rolls Royce Phantom. If not the Rolls Royce Phantom, you will love our Rolls Royce Ghost in Daventry, just the perfect transport for arriving in style on your wedding day.


Daventry Rolls Royce Ghost Wedding Car Hire


Our gorgeous Rolls Royce Ghost is the vehicle that will meet your wedding needs in Daventry – safety, style and comfort. With Rolls Royce Ghost in Daventry, you can take advantage of commanding presence and exceptional comfort for every passenger. Lux Limo ensures your money will have excellent value hiring Rolls Royce Ghost for your wedding transport.

If you have chosen Rolls Royce Ghost for your wedding hire in Daventry, you can choose from either our Black Rolls Royce Wedding hire Daventry, While Rolls Royce Ghost Wedding hire Daventry or both. You can choose to hire the White Rolls Royce Ghost for an immaculate wedding following tradition. Or if you are someone who likes to deviate from the ordinary, you can choose to have the Black Rolls Ghost. On the other hand, you can choose both for a perfect complement to a His-n-Her wedding entourage.

The Black Rolls Royce Ghost is a great chauffeur driven vehicle whether it is business or pleasure. Combined with our best prices and the high quality customer service, Lux Limo Daventry Wedding Car Hire will be hard to beat. If not the Black Rolls Royce Ghost, you can choose the White Rolls Royce vehicle that is ever popular for wedding transport.


Daventry Rolls Royce Ghost Wedding

With its immaculate, silver finish, the bride will surely look perfect arriving in style in a White Rolls Royce Ghost, one our finest wedding car hire. Our White Rolls Royce Ghost hire lets you experience a ride that is superbly quiet and smooth. Ideally, our wedding car hire is equipped with wide range exceptional extras that offer our clients a truly comfortable and enjoyable ride.

To us, your safety and comfort is always considered without compromise with the vehicle complete with every forms or comfort, from the finest leather upholstery to theater entertainment. In our biased opinion, there is no other vehicle coming close to the commanding presence and style of Rolls Royce, a perfect transport for any occasion whether it is business or pleasure.

When looking for luxury, executive wedding hire for your Daventry wedding, the classic Rolls Royce Ghost is the masterpiece of a car that you are looking for. It combines everything best that Rolls Royce has to offer, in style and performance. Hire Daventry Rolls Royce Ghost Wedding Hire for the stylish wedding day you are dreaming of.


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