Throughout your life, some people may have made a myriad of comments about you, your personality and your nature as a person. Those closest to you have been able discern a lot about you with the time they have spent with you. So, now that you are to be married in the very near future it’s time for your great mates to plan the spectacle that is the ever hallowed Stag Night; and they plan to make it the extreme extravaganza that it is truly meant to be. Now, one of the things they might have thought of you is: “That guy sure does like being in the water, sea, ocean, pond or whatever.” And this may urge them to make an aqua-related decision when choosing what to add to the itinerary of the ‘last few days of freedom’. This may lead them to choose a relatively humdrum activity such as a water park being on the menu.

However, may we here, at Lux Limo suggest an activity that we think will be more fitting to the thrill-seeking, fun-loving and adrenaline junkie that lies deep within you? And that suggestion is simply Zapcating.

Don’t worry; we haven’t taken temporary leave of our senses. We aren’t asking you as a Stag group to go out en masse and hunt down poor defenceless moggies on the streets, we are talking about whizzing across the vast expanse of the ocean in the comfort of a catamaran capable of the ability to propel you to the excess of 2Gs (meaning G force for the laymen out there). The Zapcats themselves are adapted from former rescue vehicles that traverse the rough seas to rescue people who had gone overboard. So why not get yourself booked onto this ridiculously exciting adventure and really throw yourself into the spirit of things by allowing your fantastic instructor to guide you in their own nutty and zany way into how to control and harness these nippy little beasts of the sea.

However, as well as advising you on quality activities of which to pursue on your Stag weekend may we also take this opportunity to welcome you to the wonderful world of limousine riding? Imagine compounding the sheer thrill you feel out on the open waves with the sheer thrill and luxury of riding within one of our vehicles in our limo fleet. Envisage you and your stag party cruising along blissfully inside our black Hummer limo which will transport you safely and soundly and in great time to your Zapcat adventure. Furthermore, on the way you can break up the relative ennui of the journey by watching a DVD movie on one the plasma screen TV that we have fitted in our vehicles. You can also happily consume your fair share of complimentary champagne and beer that has been provided by us as a ‘thank you’ for choosing our black or white limo hire for your Stag event. So, get on the phone and book yourself one of your best experiences ever today, with us at Lux Limo

Zapcat Stag Night On 0800 002 9475