Has the year really come and gone that fast. It seems only yesterday when you were exclaiming “Happy New Year!” with your friends or work colleagues and making resolutions of which to live your life by to make it better. Well somehow, you believe that the spring and summer passed you by too quickly. You stormed your way through October and November and now you find yourself planted firmly in the month of December; Christmas time. And with great Christmas limo hire party planning comes great responsibility. Whether you are planning a small or relatively large affair for work or family and friends, the proof is in the planning and you can’t afford to go wrong or else you will forever associate this yuletide with a disastrous festive gathering.

So, what makes a good Christmas party limo hire? First things first you need to sort out a venue. What’s the point in organising decorations, food, and drink and so on if you don’t have a venue in which to accommodate everything? At Lux Limos, we suggest booking the local town or village hall. This is because you will have the space and seating for all your guests and also ample room for people to get up and dance if they so wish. This venue is also good for work Christmas parties because it is a neutral area; this means that there isn’t a pressure of it being held in the office or at a pub where things feel restrictive or intensive. All you have to remember, above all else, is book early!

Christmas Party Limo Hire

Another thing to consider is the budget for the party. How is it all going to be paid for? Our best advice, especially in the case of office Christmas limo hire parties is to have a whip-round a couple of months beforehand at say, £20 a head. This will ensure that the venue, food, alcohol and musical system hire is covered and people can walk into the venue, let their hair down and celebrate the spirit of Christmas with their fellow trusted and close colleagues. Oh, there is one really exciting factor of which cost you could cover to. And that is by wowing everyone by hiring a hot pink 35 Limo Jeep hire car, perhaps even a party bus and really get the party going in full swing even before you have got to the actual venue itself.

Picture the scene, if you will of all of your excited colleagues piling into our prestigious limousine hire cars and being greeted by our fantastic interior and all the features and mod-cons at their disposal. We happily provide a welcome for you all with our professional chauffeurs and our copious bottles of champagne chilling on ice. Furthermore, for those riding in the party bus limo hire, they can take advantage of the unique feature of being able to actually stand up and have a dance inside their vehicle.

Does this mode of transport sound better than umpteen minicabs but probably at just the same cost? Then don’t delay, pick up the phone and hire with our cheap limo hire company today.

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