Are you ready? Ladies and gentlemen; let’s ride LIMOUSINES! Ok, we here at Lux Limo have been quite cheeky and have ‘borrowed’ a very legendary and noticeable source, but it is all in good faith. Furthermore, we are using it to heighten the awareness and sweeten the experience of one of the most underrated and extraordinary competitions that have graced the history of our land. The nature and competition of these sport also just cries out ‘British’ and its staple on the sports calendar is something to be celebrated and revered.

The championships we are speaking of are, of course the respective BDO and PDC World Darts Championships. Two divisions of the best darts talent in the world fighting it out with one another to see how is the best ‘arrowsmith’ in the land. Darts has received a fair bit of criticism from the rest of the sporting world who think that the nature of it doesn’t promote the athleticism that the sport should be about. Because it finds its roots in the pub scene, many other discerning sports find that darts puts blight on the horizon of sport.

World Darts Championship

Of course, us and you know better and cannot wait for the stage to be set again and for these tungsten artists to ply their trade and prove their excellence to the world once again. However, as big a darts fan and connoisseur of the sport as you may be, you and your mates might have never gone to the venues themselves and experienced the rowdy thrill and major excitement that these theatres of sport. So why not do as the celebrities do and book a huge and dominating Hummer limousine to arrive, at Lakeside say, and give you and your family or friends the VIP treatment that only our cheap limo hire can achieve.

It could be that you are planning an excursion for your local darts team who pulled out all of the stops and managed to win this year’s darts league by a country mile. Show how proud you are each other by clubbing together, travelling inside one of our luxurious vehicles in our Hummer limo hire fleet and seeing how the ‘big boys’ do it on the oche at the grandest stage of them all. You might not be in Phil Taylor’s league just yet, but it may only be a matter of time before you claim the crown off his prestigious and expert head, here’s hoping and dreaming.

Furthermore, why shouldn’t the world of darts be given the limousine treatment? We here at Lux Limo hire think it is about time a little glamour was added to this fantastic and colourful sport and give it the honour and recognition that it truly deserves. By arriving by limousine you will be doing the sport a grand favour.

So don’t delay and get yourselves down to the latest World Darts Championships and furthermore, get there safely and securely in one of our chauffeur driven limos here at Lux Limo

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