Your school prom in Worcester is a very important event in your life as a student. It signals the end of all those months and years of hard work, revision, stress, homework, exams, coursework and endless subjects and tests! All that is out of the way now, so you can finally relax with your friends as you await your results at the end of the school holidays. There's no need to stress about your results now – there's nothing you can do to change them now you've done your exams and handed in all of your work, so you might as well kick back and chill out with all your friends and enjoy the big party in the form of your school prom in Worcester!

Wherever your school prom in Worcester might be, whether it's at your school itself or at a unique, exciting and luxurious venue outside of the school grounds, everything is going to be done in the height of style. With each year that passes, school proms become more and more lavish, more and more extravagant and can be more and more expensive! And Worcester school proms are no exception to this rule by a long shot. The venue in Worcester will be lavish and beautifully decorated, the boys will look incredibly sharp and smart in their suits and prom tuxedos, and the girls will be looking stunning in their beautiful and elegant prom dresses. The only way to round off your Worcester school prom perfectly is with an equally stunning Worcester school prom limo hire service from the limousine experts here at Lux Limo!

We have been specialising in school proms with our school prom limo hire in Worcester packages for many years now, and have seen the progression in styles and trends, watching them closely. This means that we are on the cutting edge of just what is the most popular way to travel on the night of your school prom in Worcester. Gone are the days of the fire engine limo, and other such novelty rides (like tanks, ice cream trucks and motorbikes) are being viewed as pretty uncool – and you wouldn't want that! So what we specialise now in here at Lux Limo for your school prom limo hire in Worcester package is the amazing 16 seater Hummer limo – the latest and hottest way to travel to your school prom in Worcester in the height of style.

The Worcester Hummer limo hire car available for school proms from Lux Limo is a massive 37-foot long stretched H2 Hummer limousine, and looks stunning in any of the colour choices that we have available for you; pink Hummer limo, white Hummer limo and black Hummer limo. Our great range of colour choices and styles of Hummer school prom limo mean that you can pick the perfect COIF Hummer limo for your school prom in Worcester to match your group of friends and your own individual styles. And the best part is that all of our Hummer limousines look incredibly striking and eye-catching, meaning that you're sure to draw loads of attention as you cruise through the streets of Worcester on your way to your school prom – which is exactly what you want! You're bound to make the entrance of a lifetime, and be the envy of all your classmates thanks to our school prom Hummer limo hire services in Worcester here at Lux Limo.

But it's on board the Worcester Hummer limo hire car for school proms in Worcester that things really get amazing. Your jaw will hit the floor as you feast your eyes on the matching leather seats for all 16 passengers, and you are awe-struck at the stunning and stylish neon lighting that adorns all the features of the Hummer limo's interior.

These amazing luxury features include mirrored ceilings, disco laser lights, LED lights, neon lighting, a powerful sound system with big sub woofer, state of the art LCD TV/DVD player setup and a drinks bar complete with lashings of complimentary chilled soft drinks for your to enjoy on your cruise through Worcester on your way to your school prom. So not only will you be able to make a lavish entrance, but you'll also get to travel in pure luxury and comfort with our Worcester school prom limo hire services, available at cheap school prom limo hire rates from the experts at Lux Limo.

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