Heading out into Worcester for a night out on the town can be a great way to end your week. After working hard for five days solid and getting up at the crack of day to make it there in time, it's now the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and relax with some friends. Whether you head to the pub for a few quiet pints, get the cocktails flowing in a popular bar, or dance the night away in one of Worcester's top night clubs, there's a massive number of ways to have a great night out in Worcester to end your week perfectly.

But the only problem is that, over time, you might start to find yourselves getting a bit bored with the same old routine. Same old clubs, same old pubs, same old taxi drivers. It's not a great thing to be stuck in a rut for something that's supposed to be your end to the week, your relaxation time. It stops getting exciting and starts getting boring – and no-one likes a boring night out!

So let us here at Lux Limo inject some real excitement into your night out in Worcester with our Worcester Night Out limo hire services! We provide a great 24/7 service for our limos for hire in Worcester, meaning you have a full range of choice to start your weekend in style and there's no qualms about early pickups or late return journeys.

So whether you want picking up for a return journey in a stunning limousine in Worcester at 11.30pm, when the pubs start to wind down with last orders, or at 2am when you've been clubbing for hours and hours, then the choice is entirely up to you – our special night out limo hire services are specifically designed with parties out in Worcester in mind!

As for limos – well, your choice couldn't be better! We have the ultimate party night out limousines for hire in Worcester, guaranteed to provide you with the best party atmosphere you'll ever have. And that's before you've even hit the town!

All of our limousines come with an hour cruise around Worcester as standard, giving you plenty of time to enjoy all the amazing on board features and luxury amenities before you head to the bar or night club where you may be kicking off your night out. They also all come with lashings of complimentary bubbly on ice for the ride which means you can get the drink flowing and get the party started long before you set foot inside your favourite clubs – and this drink is free! What more could you ask for?

The party bus limo in Worcester is a great choice of limousine for a night out, and has even been given the nickname "The Night Club On Wheels" - so you know it's going to be nothing short of perfect for adding spice to your night.

It comes complete with a full dance floor, plenty of room to get up an move around, a dancing pole, a disco laser light setup, a full champagne bar (to keep that free bubbly nice and chilled), luxury leather seats for all 15 passengers and even flatscreen TVs. The powerful sound system, with big sub woofer speakers, will provide you with a true night club atmosphere for your cruise in Worcester, and you can either choose from a range of CDs from us or pick your own. There's even an MP3 player and iPod connection so you can hook up your entire music library for the ultimate party playlist.

So if you want to hire the party bus limo in Worcester to really add some once-in-a-lifetime excitement to your night out, the call Lux Limo today on 0800 002 9475 or email us at info@lux-limo.co.uk for your totally free quote!

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