It can be frustrating at the best of times trying to phone up a company's call centre, especially when you work in Worcester doing the standard Monday to Friday, 9-5 routine that is commonplace for so many. And yet companies still do not extend their call centre opening times beyond 5.30 or 6pm, or break out of the '5 day week' and open their lines during the weekend, even just for a Saturday.

And here at Lux Limo, we can sympathise. That's why we've opened up our Worcester limo hire hotlines to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So whether you finish work at 8pm or 8am, Monday or Saturday, you can call Lux Limo to organise a Worcester limo hire package thanks to our Worcester 24 Hour limo hire services that we have available. Unlike some big companies, we do not focus our efforts purely on the large and most popular towns and cities such as Birmingham, Nottingham, Milton Keynes or London.

Now, don't get us wrong. We do cater to those places with amazing 24 hour limo hire services. But we also look after the little guys as well. That's why, no matter where you are in our coverage range, and no matter how small a town or village you might be, we offer our 24 hour limo hire services to you – and that includes Worcester with Worcester 24 hour limo hire from Lux Limo!

The best part about our 24 hour limo hire services in Worcester is that this extends beyond bookings and general enquiries and includes all assistance and customer service that you could think of. Need to make some last minute adjustments to your H2 Hummer limo hire service for your night out in Worcester? No problem, you can give us a call and even arrange a slightly later or earlier pick up time. Even if it's midnight, our team of dedicated Worcester limo hire experts will be on hand to deal with your enquiry and communicate through us with your driver of whichever lavish limousine in Worcester you've decided to pick from our amazing fleet.

So it is not only for your convenience of being able to call at any time of day, or any day of the week that suits you and your undoubtedly busy schedule, but it also allows you (when hiring a stretched limousine in Worcester from Lux Limo) to make those vital last-minute alterations to your limousine plans that make the difference between disaster and a night going perfectly. Thankfully, our Worcester 24 hour limo hire services here at Lux Limo allow everything to go perfectly. So your limousine hire service, both from a booking level right down to the actual service you receive from Lux Limo with the limousine on the day, will go off without a hitch and fit in perfectly with all your plans for hiring a limousine in Worcester.

Worcester 24 Hour Limo Hire On 0800 002 9475