As we all know, driving in the winter months can be a daunting and hair raising experience. Being in Britain we get pelted by endless rain and get barraged by gale force winds who are determined to upend us off our feet or at least make those of us in coats feel as if we are about to take flight. Then there is the ice, sleet and snow; frankly the most dangerous weather conditions to experience on the road short of flash floods, tsunamis and hurricanes. We at Lux Limos are very aware of the countless moments you have crouched over your windscreen armed with an ice scraper and kettle of warm water praying the disturb the ice just enough so you can safely peer out of the window and get to work on time.

However, please allow us to make a frank and open suggestion to you that are sure to ease your winter travelling woes. Why not allow us to ensure your safety and save your body from frostbite by hiring us to drive you around in one of our limousines. There are numerous reasons why you should choose us here at Lux Limos rather than try and go it alone and perhaps come off badly in a certain road situation. By travelling with us, not only do you get the excellent limousine experience but you also get a fantastic peace-of-mind and that is something which money cant buy.

Winter Limo Hire

Envisage if you will, our highly visible pink 8-seater stretch limousine or beautiful behemoth of a hot pink Hummer limo waiting right outside your front door so even though the awful conditions are lashing down, you will almost instantly be inside the very warm interior of our limo. The temperature in the car is optimised for your complete comfort so if you want it a little bit warmer just let our profession and polite chauffeur know and he will adjust the heat to your specification.

Because our chauffeurs and put through such strict and stringent training and hazard perception protocols, which they have to pass even before they step foot inside one of our vehicles, it means that you will be driven to wherever you wish by one of the most elite, highly proficient chauffeurs you are ever likely to come across. Their intense training means they can negotiate the limousine through the awful conditions with ease whilst maintaining the utmost comfort and safety of you, the passenger. The assurance and feeling that you get from this experience is worth the low and competitive price itself. Whilst travelling in one of our limousine, perhaps if you are being taken to work, then why not make use of four fantastic features inside; such as being able to watch a DVD whilst reclining in our plush leather seats, or, listening to music on our fantastic audio system. Arriving in a limousine will also mean that you will be at the envy of your work colleagues as you have arrived in style, safety and class. If it wasn’t for anti-freeze, they might not have arrived at all.

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