You have been married to your dear wife for quite a while now and you are still in love with her, maybe even more so, now than when you were courting each other all that time ago. You continue to laugh, excite and make each other the happiest pair of people on the planet and now it is her birthday once again. Like all birthdays they should be celebrated in the best possible manner and your wife’s special day is no exception. However, instead of the conventional flowers and jewellry, you may be thinking how you can make this year’s birthday top off all that have come in her life before that, something to rival even your wedding day limo hire.

Well, with the combining of your expert party event planning and our fabulous staff at cheap limo hire, we think that your wife’s upcoming birthday limo hire could be something of legend. Imagine, if you will gently blindfolding your good lady and leading her out of your house, guiding her with one of your hands clasped in hers and the other gently supporting her hip. You reach a stop and slowly take off the blindfold to reveal one of excellent and prestigious vehicles ready and waiting to ferry her off into the night.

Limo Hire Wifes Birthday

Picture the scene, if you will, of the image of your wife being left speechless (possibly, a rare occasion, but we will keep that between you and us) and open-mouthed as she casts her eyes on the beautiful and luxurious pink, white or black limousine or Hummer limousine hire that you have generously hired for her to make her feel like a princess or a celebrity millionaire.

With that, softly lead her into limousine hire car and sit her down on the incredibly comfortable plush leather seating and hold her gaze in your eyes as you hand her an ice-cold glass of champagne and affix that diamond necklace that she has had her eyes on, and has made all efforts to inform you upon the existence of, around her neck. Believe me, it will be a while before the shock to wear off the sheer gravity of love in which you have displayed to her and she will most probably shower you with kisses and cuddles for the remainder of your limo hire cruise and perhaps into the evening’s proceedings too. We here at the cheap limo hire company love a good love story so are more than happy to accommodate any of your needs and designs that you have for the decoration of the limo hire vehicle. All you have to do is tell us your requirements when you hire a limo off us and we will endeavour to facilitate your every whim.

For the actual evening out with your wife, we shall leave the planning up to you as you know what she enjoys the best; whether it be a candlelit dinner or painting the town red, just be sure that our staff will transport you around to wherever you decide to go in style, excellence and class.

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