Ditch the stinking taxi or chewing gum ridden bus and ride in style for one night! Hate those long and boring car journeys to the Airport? The problems from getting one place to another? Travel arrangements and problems can always spoil a good night out, but with Lux Limo, the party starts as soon as you jump in! Limo Hire offer a great selection of world-class Limousines to really put the cherry on top of your night. You may ask us why you would choose to ride in one of our Limousines when other cheaper travel is available, well to tell you the truth, Limos aren't that expensive to hire. With the majority of our Limousines fitting up to 16 people, the cost of a Limousine split 16 ways is cheaper than your taxi for the night! There will be no need for taxi worries or waiting for that hopeless taxi company to come and pick you up, with your very own Chauffeur who will be more than happy to take you wherever you want to go.

Why  Lux Limo is the way to Limo Hire Travel

Our stunning selection of Limos will beat Call-A-Cab any day with it's exciting new features and luxuries. All of our Limousines are cleaned and polished on a daily basis to ensure full customer satisfaction and we can also decorate your Limo for a specific event or special occasion. Hire our intense Hummer Limo to cruise around your hometown in extreme style and luxury. Prepare for the night of your life if your planning on booking our out-of-this-world Party Bus Limo, made for the true raver! Our classy white, black and pink Limousines can cater for a wide variety of events including Weddings, Birthdays, Funerals, Corporate Hire and Airport Transfers. All of our Limousines our built with the top-of-the-range technology and fascinating luxuries so the last thing you'll be in our quality Limousines is bored!

When looking to go to prestigious event that you have in the pipeline there are various things to have to worry about. These things may be the food; does anyone in your party have special dietary requirements? How about if some of the members who are accompanying you smoke? All these things need to be taken in to consideration, but undoubtedly one of the first things that need to be planned in the transport. How are you and you group of friends and/or family going to arrive safely to your destination in the best possible way? Without doubt, the most safest and stylish way to be delivered your destination is with the courtesy of a black limousine hire.

There isn’t much to ponder if you think about it. You want the night to go off really well and with a real air of speciality. What better way to kick off and end you evening than have everyone is picked up in a limo with their best suits and dresses on in one of our sleek and stylish new style limousines. Once inside they can take advantage of the multiple features that you just wouldn’t find in any other vehicle anywhere else apart from a limousine.

Imagine the look of wonderment and amazement in their eyes as they sit and relax in the plush leather interior and immediately get poured a lavish helping of champagne. Because of the state-of- the-art sound system that is present in all our limousines you can put on any music of your choice and be blown away by the magnificent sound quality coming straight at you from our optimum speakers. If that isn’t enough then why break up some of the journey time by sticking on any DVD that you decide to bring with you and make use of the multiple plasma screen that are fitted to the limousine throughout.

If you have a party of ten or more then why not try one of the hummer hire limo range. These vehicles can accommodate up to 16 passengers and have the best visual impact of any other stretch vehicle you might have seen. The H2 or H3 Hummer limos come in black, white or pink and you cannot help to be startled by the sheer quality and beauty of these vehicles. Who wants to be travelling in a cramped taxi or sitting apart from each other on an overcrowded bus when you can travel just as the celebrities in Hollywood do in the comfort of your very own Hummer limo for the evening?

There are many other reasons why you should choose us over any other form of transport but all that can be said is that you can’t beat the service that Lux Limos will provide you whatever limousine you choose from our magnificent fleet. You custom is our desire and we desire to give you the best service possible.

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