We can no longer deny the fact that nowadays, limousines are becoming more of a necessity rather than just a luxury for showing off. We are not saying that it something one should have one. However, there are plenty of life’s event wherein we must also lavish with the best photographs, the best people, and of course the car to transport us to that moment. Some of these include prom, wedding, special event, or even funerals.

So what is a limousine? A limousine is actually a luxury saloon or sedan car which is normally driven by a chauffeur. It is distinctive because of the partition between the passenger compartment and the driver.

What Is A Limousine?

More so, limousines come in different forms and shapes these days. The most popular ones are the stretch limousines. Hence, people who would like to rent limo have a lot of options to choose from. In addition, companies which have limo for rent has plenty of limos that one can choose from. However, these are the most common and most sought-after type of limousines that companies with limousines for hire are offering to customers on their special occasions.


Lincoln Navigator Limo

To say that this kind of limo is the finest so far in the market is quite an understatement already. It is characterized by elegance, class, and style. Many people would highly commend its unconditional adaptability, brute power, as well as smooth lines. No wonder, it is known to be the top pick for a wide range of occasions. Apart from the aesthetic side that it boasts, the Lincoln Navigator limo is also known to be a leader when it comes to its record of passenger safety. Hence, making it a head turner not just with its beauty but also with the safety that it provides the passengers.


Hummer Limousine

For the most part, stretch limousines can actually accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers. But the Hummer limo set the bar higher as it can accommodate not 12 but 16 maximum passengers in luxury and in style. This is not anymore a surprise why many people are considering the Hummer limo especially if there are going out of town. This is so since the Hummer limo is working well even in rugged areas. While the Hummer limo seems quite a bit so formal on the outside, the Hummer limo is quite light from the inside. There is even a Hummer limo which has a lighted dance floor which will definitely get the party started. This is definitely a grand entrance for a huge group of friends on an out of town.


Cadillac Escalade Limousine

If what you want to achieve is style, then style is synonymous with renting the Cadillac Escalade Limousine. This is one of the latest addition to the line-up of limousines. It boasts the latest amenities as well as the appointed interiors such as state-of-the-art sound system, plush two-tone seating, starlight headliner which is stainless steel, bars with avonite tops and aluminum trim, as well as color LCD televisions.

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