Whether you are a football fan who is aged 10 or 100 you will, without a doubt be aware of one of the country’s most historic and prestigious sporting venues. This place has held such memories and dreams in its wake that one must visit the stadium just to take in the overwhelming experience of what makes sport in the UK such a great thing. In this stadium, people from all around the world can see the England national football team ply their trade against some of the toughest and brutal footballing nations of the world. What is better is at this magnificent place they often come out on top as well. Before it was renovated, it had even seen England lift the world cup back in 1966 with the pulverisation of West Germany by 4 goals to do. The stadium is, of course, the truly legendary, masterful and amazing Wembley stadium; the central heartbeat that pulses the drama and tension of sport all around England.

The original Wembley was built way back in 1923 and was simply known back then as the Empire Stadium whose purpose was to show a vast and colourful exhibition of the British Empire. Until its demolition in 2003, the stadium had been instantly recognisable on the horizon due to the two towers that heralded in all comers to visit and experience the sheer drama that was football at Wembley. Incidentally, the pitch was nick-named ‘the hallowed turf’ because of the legendary games that had been played on its surface. This is a moniker that is used by many stadiums worldwide today; but nothing can beat the original.

Wembley Stadium

The first football event to take place at Wembley was the prestigious FA cup final in 1923. The match was between Bolton Wanderers and West Ham United, in which the contest was clinched by Bolton with a 2-0 win.

Now hailing itself with the rightful slogan ‘The Venue Of Legends’ Wembley’s capacity can now hold up to 90,000 fantastic and fanatical football fans. This makes it the second largest stadia in Europe, but can claim to be the largest stadium in the world in regard to having all the seats covered from the weather.

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