All Weddings are different, whether it be down to the beautiful location of the ceremony, to the bride's dress, to the choice of travel. Every Wedding is different because the bride and groom always have different preferences when it comes to planning their perfect Wedding Day. Whether it be as insane and wacky as you could possibly make it, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks because the day is your day. Bear in mind that choosing your own specially themed Wedding could affect your budget in a big way, so make sure you choose a theme that is close to your heart and know that you can create a Wedding service around it. Past Wedding day themes include a Football themed Wedding, where guests are told to wear the couple's favorite team colors and a specially-made football cake is prepared and a Fairytale Wedding, where the service is beautifully lit by fairy lights and decorated with a gleaming white glow. If your planning on getting married in an old, English Countryside manor or house, then why not take the opportunity to theme your Wedding with the time and age of the building. For instance, if you were tying the knot in a Victorian Mansion, it would be effectively enjoyable and sentimental to require Victorian styled clothing and reception.

What you want to do for your Wedding day is up to you, whether it be a traditional, white Wedding to a horror film themed one. You'd be surprised at the crazy ideas people come up with for their Wedding day, but each theme brings it's own uniqueness to the happy couple. Bring a touch of magic to your Wedding by getting your guests to dress up in a wide range of fantasy creatures and characters, not only does this add even more excitement to the big day, but it also makes an already gleaming Wedding service even brighter! Theme ideas can come from all kinds of places, whether it's a hobby, a past experience or something closely related to you and your partner's life. So if you are looking for a uniquely themed Wedding Ceremony, don't be afraid to find out what's out there, you may be more surprised then you thought.

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