So someone’s big day has just arrived as fast as it was announced and you can’t believe that they are finally going to tie the knot. If you are their father you have seen them grow up and flourish in their lives. You have nurtured and guided them firmly and surely in their upbringing and have helped them become the fine upstanding members of the family and the community that they are today. So, now you have the auspicious honour of standing in from of the congregation of your family and friends, and your daughter’s new family, and really relaying to them what you are feeling on this wonderful wedding limo hire day and how happy you are.

Of course, we here at cheap limo hire were never going to leave you high and dry in this respect so let us give you a bit of information of what essentials you can include in your speech to give it the accentuation that it deserves. First of all, take the time to thank everybody who has turned up for the day for their undying support and friendship. Take some time to welcome the new extension of your family into your life and how happy you are that you can now start to build strong bonds with them. Concentrate on the good traits and first impressions of your new son-in-law and why he makes such a good choice of husband for your daughter. And finally, concentrate on the most special lady in your life, after your wife of course and how proud she has made you today and how beautiful she looks on her wedding limo hire day. Believe me, you will start choking up when you think of all the unique memories that you share together and the tears will start flowing, not just from you two, but from the entire congregation as well.

Limo Hire Wedding Speeches

But what about if you are chosen to be the Best Man? When your best friend asked you many months ago you were left speechless with the honour of such a request. You couldn’t believe he was finally going to get hitched and he wanted you as his closest friend to be by his side when he does. You have organised a thoroughly fantastic Stag do, something that the guys are still giggling about to this day. So now you have to compose a speech that really gets across the message of what it is like to be friends with this guy. You need to remember to list the good points as well as the cheeky and don’t make it too blue, there are elderly people and ladies present and you don’t want them to be offended. Just say what’s in your heart and how much the groom’s friendship means to you.

Whatever you decide to say? Please remember that if you need to hire a limo do it with us as we have a vast array of vehicles at your fingertips such as the white baby Bentley limousine limo hire and 8-seater white limousines for your family and other guests; here at cheap limo hire.

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