As most of your prospective brides to be know; it isn’t all just about logistical side of wedding planning. Not all your worries are spent on arranging the venue, decorating the ceremony, sorting out the wedding reception and finding out just what to feed and water everyone with. Oh no, there are far greater and more important things to worry about on the day that makes the other difficult wedding planning aspects pale in comparison to the gravity and integral nature of this certain part of your wedding preparations. Ignore it at your peril you will just be kicking yourself later when you find out you are in desperate need.

However we here at Lux Limo, the home of cheap limo hire and exquisite chauffeured limousine service are definitely not ones to say “We told you so!” So we are more than happy to urge you with all due haste to book your make-up session for your wedding day. See, now you see why we put the relative stress and impetus on this, because you have to make everyone including you look their best.

Limo Hire Wedding Make-Up

So, hop onto the World Wide Web and start browsing through the make-up beauticians that are operating in your area. For your optimum comfort, you would be well advised to pick out a beautician that will happily visit your household on your wedding day with all the required products to make you look absolutely stunning and make the groom, awaiting at the end of the aisle, have to be supported by his Best Man to stop him fainting in shock and admiration. Your beautician will concentrate on your face and body areas which are not covered by your dress. Furthermore, you will want to get a make-up artist who also is qualified in hair dressing to complete your wedding look.

Once you look absolutely fantastic, your make-up artist can then go on and do your bride’s maids and other female members of the family so they can too look their best for the ceremony and subsequent pictures. By doing this, you will make them feel part of your special day, a sentiment that is likely to live on in their memory for the rest of their life.

However, if you cannot find a mobile make-up artist of the calibre that you are looking for then we have another suggestion for you. Take advantage of our cheap limo hire for weddings and occasions such as these to transport you and your closest loved ones to one of the best salons in the area or city. Our chauffeur will wait diligently outside the salon in the pristine white hummer limo that you have hired ready to take you wherever you wish to go. Here you have the extra aspect of being safe inside the luxury interior of our limousine and being away from any pesky weather of atmospherically elements that seem poised to threaten you and your girls’ make up and hair-dos. So go on, let Lux Limo make your wedding day something to remember.

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