We are very pleased that you have found us whilst getting ready to celebrate such an auspicious occasion. May we give our firmest congratulations to you and your fiancé or fiancée on what is set to be an amazing day for both you and your two sets of families. You are set to be married and promise your vows in front of everyone and have the wedding of your dreams fulfilled on your big day coupled with marrying the man or woman of your dreams too. However, to make this wedding go off without a hitch, there are a few things that you as the wedding planner for your own wedding need to remember to make your day all the more better.

So, let’s get one of the most important things out of the way to begin with, well most important in our eyes, and that is the wedding limo hire car transport. It’s true this can be one of the main features of the wedding limo hire day because, let’s face it, they are essential for transporting you and your newly married spouse, and for transporting some of the major members of your family to and from the ceremony to the reception and then possibly home. Therefore, may we be permitted to make a little suggestion that may enhance and accentuate the sheer happy feeling that will be bubbling to the surface of all that attend your wedding day? And that suggestion is, book a fleet of Chrysler limousine hire to take you in the most unbelievable comfort and utter elegance and class to wherever you wish to go on your wedding day under the guidance of our highly trained and ultra-professional limo hire chauffeurs. The Chrysler limousine’s ‘weigh in’ at an impressive 40 feet as it has been super stretched for any occasion. So, why not take advantage of this ‘one of a kind’ automobile and do yourself an indulge and favour by getting your hands of some white Chrysler limo hire vehicle specifically tailored for your wedding.

Wedding Car Chrysler Limo Hire

What’s more, our dedicated staff will be able to decorate the inside of the Chrysler limo hire car in any fashion that you have deemed necessary to include on your limo hire specification. This is so your wedding limousine experience goes off in a way that you deserve and in a manner that is befitting of your excellent nature. Last but not least, there will be a bottle or two of champagne chilling on ice within the Chrysler limousine hire ready to herald in your new married life together.

Now all you have to worry about for the rest of the wedding planning protocol is the venue, the reception, the guests, brides maids, Best Man, rings, flowers, DJs; ok, the list is pretty extensive so we should really let you get on with sorting that stuff out, but now at least we have tantalised you into booking our Chrysler limousine hire cars for your wedding. We promise that with our cheap limo hire and excellent quality of limo hire service, you wont be let down.

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