We all love a bit of glamour and high quality in our lives don’t we? We love to feel like we are experiencing the best that life has to offer and this feeling a quaint offshoot of the quintessential British charm that has been instilled into each and every one of us since the day we were born. Thankfully, we at Lux limo hire understand this. This is why you have found our fantastic website and are reading this article; and by now you understand we are more than just a cheap limousine hire company, but also a company that cares deeply about you happiness and enjoyment.

This is why we bring to you today not only our extensive bastion of knowledge about a myriad of events and deliver onto you our best prestige selection of automobiles to tempt and tantalise you and become an integral part of your high class event.

Watford Prestige Limo Hire

Now coming from Watford you may have found yourself hiring out some rather dapper suits and your wife has purchased an exquisitely expensive dress and most flamboyant hat that would even make Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen blush . If you have done this, then we astutely assume that you are gracing one of the grandest festivals of racing that that appears on an annual basis on the sports calendar in England; and that is Royal Ascot.

If we are right in this assumption then please envisage you both turning up to this amazing horse racing meeting in the manner in which only the royalty and other well to do nobility get to experience every day by indulging yourself in our excellent chauffeur driven Chrysler limo hire and languidly going through the entrance of Royal Ascot to the envy of all the other patrons that have had to turn up in their bog standard estate; just expect a lot of green faced gazes, affixed with envy to be pointed steadfastly in your direction.

Hiring a limousine from our cheap limousine company to enhance and accentuate you standing in the community and class is really a no-brainer and you’d be crazy to turn down only the most exquisite vehicles at fantastic prices from our company. We are pleased that when we compare or limo Hire Company with that of the rest of the midlands we still comes out on top price wise on every single time. So why don’t you see for yourself why our cherished and valued customers believe we are the best company around. Order your prestige car from us today, we promise you won’t regret it.

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