There are many types of women in the world today and we here at Lux Limo try to cater for all of you. Whether your loud or quiet, into R&B or classic music, have blonde hair or blue hair, it doesn’t matter to us as long as we help give you the best Hen night experience that we possibly can. We endeavour to help you book the right kind of vehicle for where you want to go and then provide with a service that is second-to-none. So if you are a bunch of wild, thrill-seeking, adrenaline-pumping, white-knuckle craving bunch of action women and GI Janes then we have the perfect suggestion for you.

Therefore, we suggest indulging you in the world of white water rafting limo hire. Was that an unexpected proposal from us? Well, we told you that we cater for everyone and we have a whole myriad of ideas up our sleeve and this activity is one of the best. Believe it or not, there are quite a few places in the UK that facilitate white water rafting and it is essential for a Hen party that doesn’t want to do things to conventional standards and really go out and live a little.

However, before we tell you about what you can expect on this fun-filled and action packed day, please allow us to take the opportunity to offer you some exquisite modes of transport that will surely heighten the experience of your Hen weekend limo hire and also accentuate the personalities of you and all your friends that ride within. For instance, picture yourself getting pick up, army style but with a touch of elegance, in a black or pink Hummer limo hire. Nothing screams power and style better than one of these vehicles and you can kick your Hen Night limo hire off in the best possible way inside of the these beautiful beasts. Or, if you fancy something a little bit more traditional, then you can ride inside one of our pink, white or black 8-seater limousine hire. Contained within is a multitude of mod-cons at your disposal such as chilled champagne, a fantastic audio system, plasma screen TVs and a remarkable laser lighting system. All of these factors and specifically designed for your comfort.

So, what do you get for your money when you embark on the white water rafting limo hire experience? Well, there is all the safety equipment, raft, prizes, food and drink that are covered, but most importantly of all, you will be under the tutelage and guidance of one of the country’s foremost authorities on rafting. So you are also buying safety and peace of mind into your experience. Most courses last about two hours so you are sure to be getting a great deal for your money.

So what are you waiting for you adrenaline junkies? Don’t delays and book your rafting limo hire experience compounded with a unique limousine hire experience today. We can guarantee, beyond any doubt that you won’t be disappointed and will have the best limo hire Hen Night possible.

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