Here at Lux Limo, we do often sing the praises of our prestige cars quote a lot. Rolls Royce Phantom this, Rolls Royce Phantom that – and we understand that, while they're incredibly luxurious, a prestige car such as a Phantom is not always the most appropriate vehicle for your special occasion in Walsall.

For example, you might need a vehicle with a much higher passenger capacity, or you might want something available at a slightly lower rate. Or indeed, you might want something a little wilder and more suited to something like, say, a hen night party or an 18th birthday party out on the town in Walsall town centre, or into Birmingham city centre to hit Broad Street.

Either way, every vehicle has its place, and sometimes the luxury of a prestige car is not enough to make your Walsall special occasion truly memorable.

And that's why the staple of every good limousine hire company is, not surprisingly, an excellent fleet of stretch limos! And here at Lux Limo, we are definitely no exception.

We've got an excellent selection of stretch limousines available for hire in Walsall and indeed the whole West Midlands region in a variety of sizes, styles and colours to suit any event or special occasion in Walsall that you might be planning.

Our stretch limos start at an eight-seater passenger capacity, and there are two limos in this size. These are the Lincoln limo are the Chrysler limousine, aka the "Baby Bentley Limo". In terms of features they're both quite similar cars, both coming complete with luxury leather seats, air conditioning, mirrored ceilings, sound system and champagne bar, but it's the appearance where they differ the most.

The Lincoln limo is a very traditional, classically styled stretch limousine for hire in Walsall. It's got an iconic design, and is one of the most popular limousines in the world – featuring heavily at Hollywood red carpet events and celebrity movie premiers. It's a great choice for wedding days, particularly traditional ceremonies, and also a great choice for small parties travelling together to a school prom in Walsall.

The Chrysler limousine is a much more modern styled vehicle, a lot more sleek in its appearance and definitely more extravagant. Its on-board features are generally quite similar, so it's all about what impression you want to make in your limousine in Walsall!

Then of course we have the 16 seater Hummer limo – a super-stretch limousine that measures in at 37 feet long and has bags of room and a ton of luxury features on board, similar to the Lincoln and Chrysler, but just in much more abundance! The Hummer limousine features luxury leather seats, a champagne bar, a huge sound system and even LCD TV/DVD player setups for the ultimate in limousine entertainment.

So as you can see, no matter what you're planning to hire a limousine for in Walsall, you'll be able to choose from a great range to make it nothing less than absolutely perfect. To make your booking, or just to get a free Walsall limo hire quote, then just call Lux Limo on 0800 002 9475 or email us direct at!

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