We love our classic stretch limousines here at Lux Limo. From the traditional eight-seater Lincoln limo to the modern luxury of the eight-seater Chrysler "Baby Bentley" limo, they really are truly amazing vehicles, and among the best in the limousine hire industry.

But what are you to do if, say, you're planning an event with a big guest list and where lots of people have been invited. It might be a hen do in Walsall, a Walsall school prom or a birthday party night out in Walsall. All of these events typically have big guests lists where you all group yourselves together in large parties, so what are you to do? Hire multiple eight-seater limousines at a massive expense and the segregation of groups of friends?

Nope! Look no further than the amazing 16 seater H2 Hummer limo in Walsall here at Lux Limo. This stunning 'super stretch limo' is the largest stretch limousine in the whole of the UK – no limo is longer and no limo seats more people than this. Only the party bus limo comes close, seating 15 people. But why settle for 15 when you can go higher with the Walsall 16 seater Hummer limo!

The Hummer limo is an incredibly versatile vehicle thanks to its stunningly luxurious stretch limousine design, and modern and extravagant features. It's also available in pink, white, black and even yellow, meaning you'll easily be able to find a Hummer limo that's right for you. Heading out into Walsall for a hen night party? Look no further than the pink Hummer limo – it provides the perfect look, bags of room and the ultimate party atmosphere on board for the perfect party limousine.

What about if you're needing some fantastic luxury transport for your school prom in Walsall? Well, the Black hummer limousine is the best choice here with a versatile colour, 16 leather seats, mirrored ceilings, powerful sound system and a big drinks bar (filled with loads of chilled soft drinks for you all). Your personal chauffeur will pick you up from your home and transport all of you together in style to your school prom in Walsall. Thanks to the Hummer limo's massive passenger capacity it means that even the larger groups of friends can all get in the same limousine and share in the amazing luxury experience.

To book your Hummer limo in Walsall just call Lux Limo on 0800 002 9475 or on 0845 055 0740. Alternatively you can email us direct at info@lux-limo.co.uk and we'll reply with a personal response before you know it!

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