Tell us, what is the major difference about the end of this school year compared to all the past ones? That’s right, you’ve got it in one; this school year will be your last ever as you are soon to join the illustrious ranks of the college students around the country as you endeavour to tackle your A levels in the same vociferous manner you managed your GCSEs. Well, now your school is presenting you with the perfect way to see off your secondary school life by bestowing up you school leavers your own slice of Americana straight out of the straight to DVD films that are so abundant nowadays.

However, you might be one of those people who are a bit lamentable about your secondary school life coming to an end. After all, it is all you have known for the past five years and you have met some of the best childhood friends there and now you are all going to drift apart from each other due to you all having different paths to follow in life. So it is only understandable if your school prom is also representing the end of a vibrant era for you.

Telford School Prom Limo Hire

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