Have you ever seen those fantastic army films from days of old and often secretly wish you had signed up for the forces, just to try out their guns, machinery and other ‘toys’? Does a touch of envy creep into your body whenever you see a soldier, either real or not, get behind copious tonnes of armoured steel and go forth into battle; or has your stag been known to, when he gets drunk, swivel and swerve around the surrounding like a faux 007 with a banana in his hand for a gun. Well for any ‘action-man’ member of your stag group limo hire, we believe that we have the perfect suggestion for you.

When people think of off-roading, they mainly envisage quad bikes and buggies skidding about all over the places, exciting though it may be, it may lack the appeal and the danger factor of the more discerning adrenaline junkie. If this is the case, look no further than booking the stag, you and the rest of the boys a trip out at one of the many venues that allows humble, fine and upstanding people such as yourselves, the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a tank.

Yes, you have read that right, an actual tank. Since the mid 90s, a myriad of off road venues have bought ex-army tanks and decommissioned their weaponry. However they have cleaned, fixed and tweaked them so that they can give you an opportunity to drive these behemoths. Imagine the scene and the pictures you will get, of the Stag with a look of fixed joy, excitement and the thrill of the battle etched on his face as he plough through the specially designated field in the driver seat of one of these weapons of war, which may have actually been used in actually combat itself.

But, what better way can there be for the Stag and his bunch of merry men arriving at the prestigious tank driving limo hire experience, than by coming to us, at Lux Limo and hiring a vehicle that is befitting of any would-be army commandos. Why not book one of our black Hummer limos hire and arrive like a celebrity VIP mixed with a war-hardened soldier. It truly is an experience to behold. This is one of the best few days that the Stag is going to have in his single life so why not make the most of them by including experiences such as tank driving and limousine hire riding in them. You will forever be praised by him and your mates for, well, eternity. Just imagine one of our Hummer limo hire cars, or 35ft black Limo Jeeps, picking you up from your very own front door and then allowing you to be indulged in the features and comfort that are contained within, such as; beer or champagne on ice throughout the limo hire car, a cracking audio system to listen to some classic tracks, a DVD player coupled with plasma screen to break up the journey by watching a movie. Whatever you decide to do on your Stag do, do it in a limo, with cheap limo hire.

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