We don’t often get tickled pink by many but our members of staff here at Tamworth hen night limousine hire can already tell that we are going to have a whale of a time dealing with you and friends that you are going to be one of our favourite bunch of customers who just light up our faces. To be honest we do get a lot of good people like you from Tamworth who use our cheap limo hire services and instantly endear them selves to us. So, you being our prospective treasured and valued customers, you are going to be no different.

With that being in mind, we should probably tell you about the arsenal of cheap limo hire vehicles that we have got within our Tamworth hen night limo hire fleet for you enjoyment. We shall start off small and see where that takes us. We have the classic pink 8-seater Lincoln town car limo hire for starters for the smaller sized hen groups out there. These cheap limo hire vehicles are just the height of chic and are definitely a class cheap limo hire car to be seen in; as soon as you see the interior of this pink plush paradise you will know what we mean.

Tamworth Hen Night Limo Hire

Now we can start going on the Hen parties who have quite a large number of girls joining in all the revelry. For this endeavour we have a Playboy pink Jeep limo hire with your names on it. This pretty behemoth can hold up to an amazing 16 of you within its 25ft long interior. All you have to do is get inside the pink Jeep limo with your rowdy and raucous bunch of girlies and let our pink limo hire chauffeur take all the responsibility of driving whilst you and the girls gossip, laugh and chatter and lavishly gulp down copious amounts of champagne that we at Tamworth hen night limousine hire have provide to you.

We also have the iconic hot pink Hummer limo hire for your Tamworth hen night if the pink Jeep limo hire car isn’t your thing. It may be a touch smaller, but the pink Hummer limo hire vehicle is classic and essential for you to make an impact on the streets of Tamworth on this, one of the grandest nights and occasion of your life. Failing you being impressed by this, we have a baby pink fire engine limo hire car that is sure to catch a few eyes as well as your own.

So, for the ultimate in Tamworth hen night limo hire experience, come to us, you know that it makes sense.

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