For a teenager become 16 years old is a big deal. It gives them a sense of becoming more and more mature and well on their way to become well rounded adults. Also with the advent of “My Super Sweet 16” on MTV, these parties are majorly in vogue right now.

A sweet sixteen limo hire party is the best way, as a parent to show the undulated love that you give to your son and daughter with a lavish party or event and share and it with your family and friends. What other way to make that trip to the party that more special, than by letting them experience the total thrill of arriving in a limousine.

The most important thing about staging a Sweet Sixteen limo hire party is the planning; and you must make sure that both you and the birthday boy or girl are a winning team in that department. Don’t impose yourself too much on arranging everything as taking a back seat will allow the teen to have that extra bit of responsibility and give them a massive sense of achievement when the party goes according to plan and without a hitch. Booking a limousine to hire is the best way to start. Undoubtedly, the best way to travel would be a Party Bus limo hire, where you could things going early with transport that you can actually stand up and dance in.

You also may want to decide on a theme to go with the party. If it is summer, why not try a beach party where all the guests arrive in their best beachwear, have the venue adorned with sand, palm trees and other beach paraphernalia and have lovely and refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails on offer. Or if the summer has made way for the colder months, then why not transform the venue into a winter wonderland. Furthermore have the limousine adorned with various white backgrounds and props to give that icy feeling.

It is vital that, whatever the theme, that a dress code must be in plus but, most importantly your child stands out the most because it is their birthday limo hire celebration after all and they should be the centre of attention

A good party cannot be without good music. So hire a good DJ to man the decks but, more vitally let the birthday limo hire boy or girl in question have a say in the track list. It is of the utmost importance that this occurs as it integral to the involvement that the teen feels when experiencing Sweet Sixteen extravaganza. But also invite their friends to be able to request songs to played as well to involve them. Remember, happy guests equal one happy child.

Remember, they will only be 16 once so let us help you make this an occasion that will stay in their minds and hearts forever with our fantastic limousine hire cars.

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