You You are young, wild and full of adventure and are busily making your way through some of the best years of your youth courtesy of enjoying the myriad of fun, frolics and occasional studying at your university of choice. If you are have been there two years or even as little time as two months you have no doubt made a whole bevy of friends, acquaintances and, of course, drinking buddies and you have been invited to countless house parties. However, there are important dates on the university calendar that demand that little extra prestige and class and what could be better than attending these events in a pink, white or stretch limousine, Hummer or Party Bus limousine of your choice; courtesy of us here at the cheap limo hire company.

For instance, for those who have only just started, there is usually a ‘Freshers Ball’ to attend which allows you, if you hadn’t done so already, the opportunity to get to know your fellow newbies together courtesy of an elaborate party, thrown together by the Student Union, which allows you to get suited and booted and adorned with your best ball gowns and party the night away. But what better way to create a further impression on your new university mates then by hiring one of our fantastic limousine hire cars that we have available in our limo hire fleet.

Picture yourself, if you will with 15 of the closest friends you have made there so far, these may be people from your dorm or people from your course, or a mixture of both. Then don’t delay in booking a pristine 35ft long Limo Jeep literally bursting with mod cons, a uniformed, proficient and professional chauffeur and copious amounts of bubbly on board to ensure that your Freshers Ball starts with a bang. Furthermore, with prices starting at just £22 per head you will find this competitive and cheap price amazing and more than affordable for the experience that we’re offering you.

Perhaps you have been there for about a year now and one the members of your sports society, of which you are all a close-knit bunch, has a birthday coming up. Then why not book a Party Bus limo hire to take him or her out for a night on the town and around all the pubs and nightclubs but have the ability to get things going even before you step out the vehicle. How? That’s all down to the unique feature of being able to actually stand up and have a boogie on what is essentially a mobile dance floor. By all banding together and hiring this limo you have created further team bonding and companionship between your friends and that will only go further to improving your teams abilities in your chosen activity.

Whatever you decide to get up to on your three years of hell raising remember to contact us here at the cheap limo hire company and get us involved to, we love a good party but we also love transporting you safely, securely and complete privacy there to.

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