Around three or so years ago you came fresh faced and wide eyed to the world of university. You had passed your two year stint at the college in your home town and then you came to the wonderful city of Stoke on Trent limo hire to study at the highly established and well thought higher education establishment; Staffordshire University. You worked damned hard for three years and partied just has hard with your new found peers, colleagues and friends that you picked up along the way. However, the time has past now and it is time to face the real world soon with all the good grace that it deserves as daunting as a prospect as that must be for you.

However, there are a myriad of functions to happen at your university before you bow out of your educational life for the time being. There are always numerous, emotionally charged parties for you to attend before the end of the academic year is out. Of course, any university’s student union worth it’s salt has arranged for you to have a rather grandiose summer ball to attend and get your rocks off at dressed in your superb best, balls gowns, suits and any other posh attire that you can think of.

Stoke on Trent Graduation Limo Hire

However, when you surpass all those party related events there is a fantastic occasion that really puts the full stop on your time at Staffordshire University limo hire. It is when you and your fellow peers have received your glowing final year results and make your way to Trentham Gardens limo hire, just outside of Stoke on Trent, and graduated in all of your resplendence in front of a full audience of your closest peers, tutors and other distinguished ladies and gentlemen that have turned up for this auspicious occasion.

So, may we suggest a fantastic way to cap off your university life (get it?) than by gathering a healthy bunch of your closest friends, whose friendships you have forged and solidified over the past few years and seeing things off in style in the back of one of our cheap limo hire vehicles. Imagine either 8 of you in one of our white, pink or black stretch Lincoln town cars, or up to 16 of you in our hot pink, white or black Hummer limo hire vehicles being taken to Trentham Gardens at the height of excellence, sipping blissfully at ice cold champagne and generally having lots of fun and celebrating everyone’s achievement.

Hopefully you collective group of parents will help you achieve this endeavour, after all, you have done your best by them and really made them proud and they can now see you in your cap and gown have the honour of graduating in all great grace. So please, let our cheap limo hire company honourably and professionally serve you on this excellent day.

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