How Does the feeling of being inside the very belly of some of the country’s most mystical and imposing formations that adorn our green and pleasant land grab you? Does the feeling of walking into the unknown and seeing some strange, wonderful and frankly weird scenes inside some of the cavernous maze of twists and turns and tunnels tempt and tantalise the thrill seeker in you? If so, then book another item of interest on the ever growing list of Stag weekend plans in the form of caving to really explore the scary side of the British coastline where often your mind may play tricks on you and you aren’t sure if anything is as it seems.

Why not take advantage of this wholly unconventional addition to your Stag weekend limo hire manifest and really endeavour to discover and unravel the stories and mysteries that these caves possess. Claustrophobic stags need not apply as the plans for the day will often have you dealing and negotiating tight spaces, odd nooks and crannies that you can barely get through. Caving limo hire does its best to recapture that amazing wonderment that we all possessed as kids as we came face to face with caves for the first time. Only this time, the ante has been raised and you are encouraged to go deeper and deeper into the heart of these foreboding rock formations. You need to have nerves of steel to be able to put all of your trust in the thoroughly experienced and expert cave explorers who will be helping each and every one of you traverse your way through the rocky maze. This is essential for helping Stags who reveal a weaker side to them and maybe lose their nerve half way thorugh and become terrified. Our cave guides and experts in encouraging those less fortunate and helping them pull through to the end. Another thing we must stress and suggest is that you bring your old and rugged clothes because there is a distinct and somewhat high possibility that you will get wet, muddy and possibly suffer a few rips in your clothing along the way.

Stag Night Caves

So, why not take on board some ‘Dutch courage’ before your cave excursion by sipping a can or two of beer from the safe and private surroundings of your very own limousine hire car that you have hired from us here at Lux Limo. Imagine stepping into the luxurious world of the inside of one of our magnificent fleet of vehicles; being indulged in cold beer or champagne, being dazzled by fibre optic and laser lighting throughout, giving your ear drums some much needed tender loving care by the exquisite sounds that emanate from our audio system and sitting back and relaxing in front of a plasma screen TV watching a movie of your choice.

So, if riding in an 8-seater white or black limo, Hummer limo hire or Limo Jeep, couple with the magical world of Caving limo hire sounds like your cup of tea, what are you waiting for? Book the experience of a lifetime by coming to us, here at cheap limo hire.

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