St George, the patron saint of England, is widely known across the globe as it is celebrated by a number of nations and countries. Different countries celebrate it more than others and in their very own different ways. Despite it being very unlikely that St George even visited England, he is still the patron saint of the country and his shield colors remain as the English flag to today. The red cross with white background has been widely known ever since St George slayed a mighty dragon with his sword and the same colored shield. St George's day falls on 24th April but not many people know that the official St George's day is actually the 23rd. The celebration of the day was originally formed in the 12th century when soldiers wore the red and white colors to avoid confusion in battles, this then became the English national emblem. Whatever you have planned in order to celebrate St George's day this year, don't forget to do it in style and class with Lux Limos! We offer an exciting range of great Limousines for you to choose from to make that special day complete, all of our Limos come with the latest in technology and your very own professional Chauffeur!

Fact: Did you know every country in Europe has a church dedicated to St George?

He died at the age of 23, defending his faith in Christianity.

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