As you know, the summer time is home to a fantastic variety of sports. The snow and rain has subsided, at least for a few days and we are left with a whole festival of sport of which to go and see and celebrate. With such an extensive calendar of events taking place you are literally spoilt for choice with the amount of prestigious events that you are able to go and experience.

Before you make any choice on what tickles your fancy in the sporting sense, let us tempt you with the notion of being able to transport you to a whole manner of sporting events, venues and occasion courtesy of one of our fantastic limousines. Imagine riding in one of our prestigious Limo Jeeps with the capability of accommodating both you and 15 of your closest and firmest friends to any sporting stadium that you wish. Imagine indulging yourself passing the time by feeling the complete comfort of sitting on our plush leather seating, the sort of seating that your body feels that it can just melt into. The feeling of, instead of being cramped up in the back of your mate’s Honda Civic, you are languidly and soporifically sipping champagne whilst reclining, with an enormous smile on your face. You can also break up the journey by re-watching some of your favourite sporting DVDs courtesy of our phenomenal and multiple Plasma screen TVs.

One of the main highlights of the summer is the world famous tennis championship held at Wimbledon limo hire each and every year. Each year, us Brits migrate to the hallowed centre court and indeed the hill outside centre court to catch a glimpse of the latest hottest British tennis prospect try and actually win and capture the grandslam; a feat that hasn’t been achieved since Fred Perry in 1937. You may believe that we are well past due for a win. So what better way to book your visit to this historic and prestigious venue than by sipping the champagne and eating the strawberries and cream in the privacy of your own limousine hire car? With us, you and your friends are able to do just that and arrive safely and in time to watch our brave boys and girls do battle against the tennis mastodons from across the world.

If that doesn’t seem to entice you then maybe you are a football fan and what grander stage of English football is there than the final of the FA Cup limo hire. Imagine yourself, an avid fan of the club who have battled their way through numerous rounds to get to this point, stepping out of a limousine ready to see them do battle and maybe lift the trophy at the end of the day. With the help of us, you too can arrive to the stadium like a VIP football limo hire and what better stage to do it at. The look on the faces of your fellow fans will definitely be priceless.

So do yourself a favour, think of our when you are planning out your travels to this summer of sport, you won’t be let down by our high limo hire quality of service that is a right to you as our customer and not a privilege.

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