For some of us, life on the baize is essential. Whether it is at home, at a pub or at a humble hall, some men and women can’t help themselves but get a fix of one of the most quintessential and noble of all British born sports; that sport is, of course, snooker. This hobby has long been a staple of the British scene and television sport scene with tournaments from around the world being put on the box for our viewing pleasure from China to America. So it may might well be that there is a certain special someone in your family is actually ‘snooker loopy’ and can’t get enough of it.

This person owns all the old videos and computer games which are gathering dust in the attic somewhere and has a signed picture of the ‘Whirlwind’ Jimmy White adorning the wall of your dining room. Therefore, you are no doubt aware that every year there is a certain championship that finds its way to The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield and takes up a two week residence there. At this championship, snooker players of only the highest quality converge together and play the most excellent snooker over numerous frames. This tournament is, of course, The World Championships.

World Championship snooker

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