Every year there is a fantastic festival of rugby that comes crashing in on the sports calendar to the delight of any discerning sports fan. The most top quality European rugby is put on show for the world to see as six countries vie for the title of being the best national test side out of all of them. It has the effect of throwing up upsets and shock results in all the games that are played. The winners of the tournament get the plaudits, the rest of them get nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce to you the fierce, beastly world of the 6 Nations rugby tournament limo hire.

The countries of Ireland, Italy, France, Scotland, Wales and England all put out the best sides they possibly can to claim the ultimate honour over the rest of their defeated foes. This fantastic little tournament has been existence, astonishingly, since 1883 where it was contested between the four nations on the British Isles.

Since then it has gone from strength to strength and in the year 2000, the competition was extended from five to six national sides with Italy throwing their hat into the ring. Ok, so you may not be able to get to every single match that is being played but wherever you are in the UK you are never too far away from some classic rugby action.

Six Nations Rugby limo hire

Are you a true Scot through and through? Then let Lux Limo have the honour of taking you and your family safely and securely to Murrayfield limo hire, the home of Scottish rugby, where you can see the Scots battle with all their might to tame the French and hopefully thrash the English. It is not only footballers and football fans that deserve the VIP limo hire treatment. Scottish fans are world renowned for being some of the nicest supporters one could ever meet. So do yourselves a favour and allow us to help you achieve that treatment that you so thoroughly deserve.

Maybe you have the English rose emblazoned on your chest. You have that lion spirit inside you just yearning to be unleashed as you support the white shirts of England try and dominate their foes at Twickenham limo hire. Well we can tell you that we have your transport for the day sorted due to fantastic cheap limo hire from our company. Envisage you and the lads and lasses cramming into a black Hummer limo hire vehicle and cracking open many cans of ice cold beer that we have provided for you.

How about if you are a fierce and noble Welsh dragon? Don’t worry, at Lux Limo hire we cater for everyone. We can take you and your family of red-shirted friends and relatives to the Millennium stadium limo hire without any problem at all and maybe you can see you team recapture the championship once again and maintain their dominance over all the home countries.

So, whatever you do, come to cheap limo hire and let us help make you day out at the rugby one of the best days ever.

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