Are you the kind of man or woman who loves getting up on a Saturday morning, meeting with friends and spending your day perusing around the myriad of shops that are available to you in your town or city centre. Do you lust for the bargains, crave the sales and yearn for the reduced to clear line at some of the many and varied clothes shops? Then you must be one of the many undiagnosed shopaholics that reside in our green and pleasant land. As far as they know there is still no cure so they only thing left to do is embrace it and enjoy a great day out with your friends shopping till you drop.

However, can we make one crucial suggestion? Why do you and your firmest friends that you shop with allow us to take the weight off your feet on the way there and the way back from the centre of town? “How’s that then?” You ask. Well how about you and your mates treat yourself to a limousine cruise as well as a shopping trip to really make the most of your day. There are a multitude of reasons why you should choose a limo as your mode of transport for the day and why you should book it with us, here at Lux Limos.

Limo Hire Shopping Trip

Imagine the fun, happiness and levity you experience with a select group of your friends as you all clamber inside the limousine, break open a bottle of champagne and blissfully sip at a glass of it as our professional and proficient chauffeurs ferry you around exactly wherever you wish to go. This gives you a perfect opportunity to warm yourselves up for your impending crusade on the stores. Bring along your favourite, perhaps motivational, CD and let us put it on for you so you can experience the sheer quality of sound that emanates from our top-of-the-range audio system. Not enough for you yet? My, you do like a bargain don’t you? Well, how about taking in your favourite DVD, perhaps the Devil Wears Prada or, even more apt, Confessions of a Shopaholic. You can enjoy these great movies on the multiple plasma screen TVs that we have situated around the interior of the limousine.

At the end of the day, when all’s said and done and your are heavily laden down with bags from all sorts of niche stores and shops we can be there promptly at a time which you specify to take the load off you all and transport you, your friends and all of your purchases back home. You might as well reward yourself with another glass of champagne. You have deserved that with the work you have done that day.

So, don’t delay and get on the phone and hire of our fantastic pink, white or black prestigious Hummer or Limo Jeep limousines and get yourself to the town in style and a manner befitting that of a shopping god or goddess courtesy of Lux Limos.

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